A Happy Sunday of Facebook Apps

It has been pointed out to me that Dvorak was not Croatian and Bizet was not Spanish, so I don’t need to find a Swiss composer for Federer. Fair enough. In that case what is he? A Strauss waltz or a Tchaikovsky ballet? Or more the exact, delicate strains of Evard Grieg? To me he is passion and poetry and finesse and drama, so he is….Puccini.

No, I didn’t watch the Women’s Final, but I hear that Sharipova went down in a (someone, somewhere has got to have said this) screaming heap. Azarenka gets $2.3 million Aussie dollars for a 6-3,6-0 match. The men may well battle for five long sets and get the same money. I hate to ‘betray the sisterhood’ but I’m not sure that’s sane. 

I got another five-star review for “The Secret Keeper” last night and it is lovely. Forgive me a tiny gloat…”No false starts. A moving story about people caught by circumstances they are unable to change. The story moves along, told from several perspectives and how ultimately one person stands up and does the right thing without thought for personal or professional gain. This is a true page turner.
Wonderful formatting too! Author paid attention to editing and it shows. Just a top notch effort all the way around!”

If you haven’t had a look at my first born, you will find it here:


Sometimes you look back on something and you can’t help but laugh. Yesterday I went shopping with Mother and she needed some new foundation so we went to the chemist. She likes the Maybellien Mousse but they keep changing the numbers and the colours. We found what we were looking for and I demonstrated that it was the perfect colour for her by applying it to MY inside wrist. “See, it’s perfect.” The shop assistant, to her credit, didn’t react at all, she just smiled and said, “Perhaps we should try it on her?”

And we got Sushi, lovely as always, as was the free cup of miso soup. Isn’t it nice to get something like that as a bonus? They do free Green Tea too.

I’m setting up a new Facebook fan page for the next book, “In Vino Veritas.” I haven’t published the page yet so I’m working on putting all the bits on it and getting ready. It’ll go public when the book has been epublished and I have links. BUT I’m having a devil of a time adding custom tabs to the left hand navigation pane. I want extra ones, as well as wall, info, photos etc. and have downloaded the App etc. but it just won’t work. If anyone has any simple and straightforward ideas, please let me know. I googled it and followed the instructions but the Static FBML App doesn’t give me the “add a page” option, I’m wondering if this is because the page isn’t live yet. Time will tell. Happy Sunday.


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