Of music, tennis and sushi

So Raffa will play Novak in the final of the Australian Open. Mum calls Djokovic Dvorak for reasons that are lost to me, I do think it’s a very good name for him. So if Djokovic is Dvorak, who are the others? It was suggested to me by a very fine man who knows about such things, that Raffa would be Bizet. Exactly. And Murray would be…The Proclaimers? But Federer… Swiss musicians. I googled them and I can say, without hesitation, that I knew none of them. Who knew there was Swiss Rock or Swiss Punk? However I did find some links to musician’s names who might do. From the Swiss rock days we have “The Wild Gentlemen” and “The Nightbirds from Locarno”. Then on to hard rock and “Toad”, “The Nasal Boys”, “Mother’s Ruin”, “Crazy”, “Bastards” and “Jack and the Rippers” were all very popular. However, I’ve decided that “Celtic Frost”, a metal band from Zürich, will do nicely. They experimented with classical instruments and operatic female vocals.

If you fancy yourself a bit of wine connoisseur and would like to post reviews of wine, I think this could help:


It generates random wine reviews by stringing words and dates together. Such as:

‘The 1953 Cabernet from Scopelli Vineyards entangles watery wheat flavors with a harmonious gingerbread perfume.’

The site gives you other options, like corporate slogans and action movie titles and gourmet food combinations. Having a dinner party? What’s on the menu?

Dried Mussel Roll served with Deep-fried Grapefruit Pie

Enough rubbish for today, I am off shopping and to get some Sushi for lunch. Cambridge has one of the best Sushi shops I’ve seen anywhere in the world. All fresh and handmade on the premise, with salmon, scallops, prawns, avocado, crab, tuna and gorgeous fresh rice. I woke up this morning and said…”Sushi”. And then I planned out the entire plot for the next novella in the Vinnie and Anna saga. “In Vino Veritas” is away being beta read by a couple of others and proofed by a wonderful editor. Then it will be uploaded and the fun will start!! Plus…it is a GLORIOUS Summer day, not too hot, cloudless blue sky and a lovely soft breeze. Happy Days.



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