10 things I would Tell my Younger Self

Well my head said Nadal and my heart said Federer…and my head was right. I watched the first set and a half and it was amazing tennis. At time Federer played as well as I have ever seen him play and yet he still lost in four sets. Tennis is a funny old game.

Today’s subject is 10 things I would tell my younger self:

(1) You should aim for more in life than to be married and have kids. If that happens, great, but don’t waste so much time just waiting for it to happen. You are the last of the  generations who were expected to ‘marry well’, so a fulfilling job wasn’t as important. You’re talented, pursue your dreams.

(2) Your opinion of you matters far more than other’s opinion of you. No-one knows you like you do and no-one will love you as unconditionally. Allow yourself to love yourself.

(3) Nuture your creative passions and don’t be so afraid of failure. Try things and see if you can do them and like them. If you’re crap it doesn’t matter, at least you had a go.

(4) Experiences are more important to you than things and always will be, you are not a materialistic person…however, if you save a little money along the way for your middle age, your 52 year old you will thank you, a lot.

(5) If you love someone and the opportunity arises to tell them (and it will) take the opportunity. Even if they don’t love you back, they will be flattered at a time when they desperately need encouragement. By assuming they could never love you, you guarantee they will never have the chance. And you will continue to wish you had had the courage.

(6) More than anything else I would say, have courage, have faith, believe in yourself. By the time you don’t care about other’s opinions it will be too late to do, and be, many of the things you were capable of as a young woman. Don’t hold your tongue so much, if you believe it, say it.

(7) Nothing you do is wasted, when you’re older you can write about it.

(8) Salad is not rabbit food, salad is good for you. Learn to eat it before it’s too late and you are happy to ‘pass on the salad.’

(9) Don’t, under any circumstances, get sun burned.

(10) Garden. It’s fun.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. M.C.V. Egan
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 07:09:10

    Absolutely LOVE IT! I always like to read your posts as we seem to be the same age, (I was born in July of 1959), I can just see how I thought ten years ago! There is so much I identify with! I am lucky in that I always did love salad and felt a great kinship to rabbits…live or well cooked!
    I love your posts Julie, and even when i don’t have time to comment I very often read them. 🙂 Thanks for your adventures and words of wisdom, so very true NOTHING is wasted as we can always write about it!
    Have a great day my friend from far away!


  2. jmt4159
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 09:29:09

    Thank you. You’re two months older, Sept 1959! You are lucky, I’ve always struggled with salad, I say I don’t like strong flavours but that’s idiotic. I like tomato sauce and soup but not raw tomato and I like pumpkin soup but not cooked pumpkin. Do love rabbits! Thank you for the compliment. Have a great day too.


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