Feeling Passionate about Something

This blog will not be about fruit. It will not mention the pureed apricots in vanilla syrup that went into the deep freeze this morning, nor the stewed plums that were also put into the deep freeze to await Sally’s return, nor the dining room table covered in plums awaiting a jam making session later today…

So what will it be about? I read the other day that it’s a very good thing to blog about the things you feel passionately about. OK. What do I feel passionately about?

I can’t  understand why any human being would kill a whale. I think they’re amazing animals and it is a crime against nature to kill one. However, I eat pork, beef, lamb, chicken, fish and even veal…does that make me a hypocrite? Do Japanese and Norwegians look upon whales the same way I do a cow or a lamb and is that bad? Don’t know. I guess I believe that there is a food chain and it’s OK to eat meat, but I don’t believe that whales are part of the food chain for humans. I feel passionately that they should be left in peace to roam the oceans.

I  believe that people who create an artistic work, visual, written, audio etc. should be paid for their work. I am very against downloading illegal material and pirating someone else’s work. It takes time and energy and commitment to create something and if you use it without paying for it, you’re stealing from them. I feel passionately that this activity should be punished.

I believe that people, men or women, relatives or strangers, who harm small children should receive a biblical style punishment. I don’t think jail sentences are enough of a deterrent. If you rape, murder or badly abuse a child then you should have to spend an hour in a room tied to a chair whilst people with sharp knives use you as a pincushion.  Someone should engrave “Pick on someone your own size” into your skin with a scalpel. Then you should have lots of salt rubbed all over your body. Then you should be branded on your forehead with a mark that can never be erased. This, I believe, would be a deterrent.

Right, enough rambling, time to get back to work. Reading does something to me, it changes my brain wave patterns and it sends me to sleep. Any time of the day or night, if I read long enough I go to sleep. This is great at night, not so great when you’re trying to do a paper edit of a book you passionately hope is not boring.




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