From West Wing to Downton Abbey

You will have to forgive me if I do a little jig as I blog today. I am happy. I’ve discovered something that I once enjoyed, then lost, then missed, is back. I was surfing through the listings for a new SKY channel we’ve subscribed to and I found that at 6.40pm every weekday evening they’re screening The West Wing, from episode one, series one. So I’ve seen the first two episodes and I’m hooked all over again. It’s the most stunning writing and wonderful ensemble acting and the situations take my breath away. In its day it was truly innovative television and I loved it more than anything I’d ever watched and now I get to watch it all over again, from the beginning!! I am happy.

One of the things I love about Twitter is all the links I find to other things because I follow some really interesting people. Yesterday I got into a discussion with a dude about writing musicals, all because we shared a willy joke…it’s a long story.

Just this morning I went to the National TV Awards webpage to vote for Downton Abbey and found I could also vote for Miranda and Graham Norton and other programmes  I enjoy. Then I signed an electronic birthday card for Michelle Obama, because I could. Then I read a really interesting blog about designing a good ebook cover and then I saw the cover of Joanne Harris’s soon to be published novel, a sequel to the amazing Chocolat. To round off my morning I followed the story told by the hilarious Hugh Bonneville about how the Downton Golden Globe got into a fight with Matt Le Blanc’s Golden Globe on the flight home and was only subdued when Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe stepped in.  They now have the thing safely strapped in.


Enjoying the flight home

So, did some gardening yesterday, dug over the vege patch ready for the next planting. And planted a lovely chrysanthemum that we’d been given which needed to go into the garden. With lots of compost and potting mix and water you could just see it going “Ahhhh” as it stretched out its roots. The garden is looking amazing and the growth is almost frightening. I half expect to wake up one morning and find the house full of plants who’ve outgrown the space in the garden. I know we said we like “bushy” but it resembles the Amazonian rain forest.
The writing is also going well, second draft finished yesterday and now I can start tinkering with the end which is still too abrupt. Downloads of the three books just over 16,000. And First Night Records have agreed to keep paying the Original London Cast of Les Mis the royalties they owe them. I have a feeling that it had become so public they really didn’t have a choice, even though the contract was signed when copyright only extended for 25 years. Good on them, a blow for a moral code of business.
The neighbour has gone on holiday for a week and told us to pick the plums which are nearly ripe and will otherwise fall onto her lawn and she’s a very neat person, she doesn’t want rotting plums on her lawn. I can hear the preserving pan and the jars calling me. Can you really have too much plum jam? We shall preserve them for her as a coming home present. Happy days.   

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  1. Reubz
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 09:47:28

    Whoa, whoah whoah…WHOA!!! Matt LeBlanc won a Golden Globe???


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