From Happy Feet to Ramin Karimloo via Les Mis

Each morning, when I wake up, there’s a whole world in cyberspace that waits to be explored. I have a routine, I check email, twitter, Facebook, books sales (yes, I am funny I don’t go there first) and comments/reviews etc.

I give you some examples from this morning’s discoveries:

Two random tweets that amused me, they’re from a writer who is very witty.
“I spent the day at my husband’s grave today. He isn’t dead – he thinks I’m digging a pond.”
“My husband said I was the perfect wife today. Or it might have been something about never listening to him properly. One of the two.”

Then I discover the ‘twitterverse’ is all of a…twitter…about the decision of First Night Records to stop paying royalties to the original London cast of Les Mis. Apparently, in 1985, it stated in their contracts that royalties would stop after 25 years. They were young and inexperienced and they signed. It may be legal, and that is debatable because the work is not in the public domain, but it is hardly moral. These are people like Rebecca Cain, Frances Ruffelle, Michael Ball, Colm Wilkinson – the people who have contributed so much to musical theatre. Hopefully the fans will become outraged and will email First Night Records and express this. Rebecca summed it up in her tweet, “Do you hear the people sing. Singing a song of angry men? It is the music of the people who WILL be paid again.”

Moving on, there is a clip from Ramin Karimloo’s new album available on his website. It is out in March. Eagerly awaited, yum.

Book sales/downloads are nudging 15,000 and ‘The Secret Keeper’ is past 10,000 and Amazon makes up over 13,000 of the total. Hey ho. I have a week of no little people to look after and lots of writing ahead. I’m organising a paperback version of ‘The Secret Keeper’ to sell on Amazon, print on demand.

And I think it is time to stop making jam and lemon honey, strawberry, plum, plum and rhubarb, and four containers of frozen stewed plums in the deep freeze. In time I will turn my attention to golden queen peaches, stew them and freeze them. The vege garden is growing like an Amazonian rainforest because it rains almost every day. The beetroot is resplendent and the lettuces are delicious, the Asian cabbage look like triffids.

Thursday Lucas and I went to “Happy Feet 2” and we both loved it. All dancing, all singing penguins and lessons about life. He sat on his booster seat and watched transfixed for 90 minutes, whilst other children ran riot down the back of the theatre. I was very proud of him. Now, when we play the tickle game, we do penguin dances too.


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