An author interview

Forgive my tardiness in bringing you this news but it has been a long day. A good day, a happy day, but a long day. Today I have painted a dinosaur globe, played with sand buggies in sand on a mirror, exploded a paper mache volcano with baking soda and vinegar (something we never grow tired of doing), played computer games and lost, had a water fight with a hose on the lawn, made delicious lemon honey, had a light sabre versus pillow fight, picked a multitude of ripe plums, bounced on a trampoline, gone for a lovely swim and played many and varied role play games.

I have also been the subject of an author interview. My first. I answered questions about ‘The Secret Keeper’ and about me and for goodness sake, it is out there in cyberspace.

She has done it very well and I like what it looks like. I like that when she publicises it she calls me a ‘best selling author.’ Just ‘author’ is enough. I can, literally, die happy now.

So that’s about all tonight, I am heading for the sofa. Tomorrow we are going to see a movie in a movie theatre, ‘Happy Feet 2’ I think, unless ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ sneaks home by a head. It will be Lucas’s choice. Late afternoon we were waiting for Mummy and watching cartoons on the sofa and I was knitting a pure wool singlet for his soon-to-be-joining-us sibling and he said, “I love you.” Love you too, Precious Boy. Happy, happy days.



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