A compliment or two

BC in my life, before Cambridge, I hardly ever got any compliments. Well, a few about my writing from time to time…but no-one told me I was an awesome dinosaur doctor or that my cheesy pasta was the best in the world. Last night Gemma paid me a tremendous compliment, one that touched me deeply. She asked if I would consider being the one who came to look after Lucas if she went into labour early. She’s due to have a C-section at the end of Feb but she doesn’t usually carry full term and if she goes into labour before then, it’ll be an emergency C-section. When they discussed it with Lucas he got very upset at the idea of anyone other than me. So I am it. If my phone goes in the middle of the night I shall leap up and make the 15 minute trip to look after him. If it goes in the daytime it won’t be quite so dramatic, but I’ll still be on my way.

Today I have had two more five-star reviews for ‘The Secret Keeper’. People I have never met and do not know, who live in countries far removed from my own, felt sufficiently moved to review my book and give it five stars. That makes me blush. Oh go on then, I’ll tell you what they said, but only because you insisted.

Grandma from New Hampshire (no, not mine) said…”I’ll admit it. I didn’t really expect too much from a free ebook that I downloaded mostly to get a feel for Kindle on my new iPad. Color me surprised! The Secret Keeper is a great little mystery that does a superb job of addressing the question of who owns the art treasures confiscated by the Nazis. Easily the equal of much of what you’ll find in the book aisle, this is definitely worth a read – or two. I can’t wait to see what new offerings Julie Thomas might have for us. Julie, you need a publisher. . . . Highly recommended.”

And then Lavesta Gal from Alaska said…”I downloaded this Kindle book after reading the reviews of others. I wasn’t really expecting much as it was a freebie, but boy was I wrong!
I found “The Secret Keeper” to be well researched, interesting and very well written (unlike the previous several books I’ve been reading). I did have a bit of difficulty keeping the dates and places straight at first, but that’s a small detail. A word of warning to the faint-hearted…there are a few short passages depicting the cruel brutality of the era. Push past them. I was amazed at how skillfully the author went from a tale of a young teenager, to a heart-breaking story of World War II, and then an intriguing mystery that I just couldn’t put down. Bravo! Read, enjoy and review!! This book deserves a huge audience.”

 So, there we are. It almost makes one forget the days, weeks, months, years of researching, writing, editing, polishing and trying different versions that have culminated in this little ebook treasure. My next goal is 15,000 and I am about 700 away. I put a section at the rear of the book where I invited people who were interested in being advised when my next book had been uploaded to email and add themselves to a list. When the emails started arriving it was a huge surprise!

We made plum jam today with sweet, delicious red plums from my niece’s garden. It is ruby red and ‘very plummy’. Tomorrow we will make more tangy, sharp, lemony lemon honey. Yesterday Lucas and I painted a paper mache globe black and gold and over the next few days we will add blue, red and green bits, before it has the final additions of glitter and dinosaur stickers so it can hang from his bedroom ceiling as a ‘dinosaur planet.’ We went for a swim in a lovely cold pool and he hurtled off down the pool with his floaties on, no fear of the water at all. And we gathered plums and lemons to make pots of glistening homemade deliciousness (down Nigella, down).

On the way home he was playing with two dragons from his car seat in the back and he said, “why don’t you write about a vampire dragon? With armour. The kind of dragon who guards a prince and drinks blood and turns it into fire.”  Now, there’s an idea.


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  1. M. C. V. Egan (@M_C_V_Egan)
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 22:15:07

    Happy New Year julie and the best for 2012. The Secret Keeper sound Amazing! Lucky Lucas! I bet you’ll have fun stories to read and hopefully younger sibling will chose a great time for all…oh it’s summer there…never mind driving over not a problem. All the success in 2012 and always!


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