A rainy trash and treasure of books and chicken

It is Trash and Treasure Sunday, or the second Sunday of the month of January. The rain is lashing down and it’s cold. Apparently we’ll get periods of weather like this until March, oh goodie, it’ll clear up just in time for a change of season. Something to do with some Spanish sounding weather pattern, La Ninna, or some such thing. At least I won’t have to worry about the garden getting heat stressed or doing any watering.

Being a brave, hardy, weatherproof soul I went to the market anyway. Actually only to one stall but it still counts. I had a bag of books Mum had finished with and there’s a large stall of second-hand books that operates a book for book swap system. I came home with many Dick Francis and a few others, a nice 1941 Air Force mystery…and it cost me nothing. He has about three boxes full for every letter of the alphabet (under author surname) and tables of bigger hardback books. Masses of James Patterson, John Grisham, Charlotte Bingham, Lee Child etc.

There’s something special about second-hand books, they’ve been loved and read and thought about. I have some wonderful ones on my shelf above my computer. For some reason it reminds me of some advice I read on Twitter about how to choose an author name, you take your first name and your last name, write a book, get it published and put that name on it…there, you have an author name!

Barnes and Noble updated their sales data and my copies of ‘The Secret Keeper’ sold went from 1 to 357 in one move. Yeah! Total over three books heading for 14,000. Couple of reviews and author interviews coming up on websites soon, I will post the details.

Have a lovely rainy Sunday chicken recipe:
Boil a whole chicken in salted water with lemon juice and dried tarragon until cooked – take the meat from the bones
Put one can of condensed chicken soup and half a cup of good white wine together and simmer for five minutes – strain if you want a smooth sauce.
Add the chicken meat and put in a hot oven until bubbling.
Add a tablespoon of sour cream and a handful of green grapes (I sometimes substitute a well drained can of peaches or apricots for the grapes)
Serve hot on rice or mashed potato or penne pasta. It is scrumptious!!!


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