Mice Pies and Book Promotion

A comment on yesterday’s blog. No, we did not eat mice pies, do not believe everything you read. Actually the only difference between a mince pie and a mice pie is that in a mice pie you leave the ‘n’ out of the mix.

More craft yesterday, more swimming, more cartoons and a new game that involved painting with dinosaur feet and heads and then scrubbing them clean. Actually the dinosaur footprints on the mirror glass tiles look very cool.

I heard a wee while ago that there has been a hot air balloon tragedy in central New Zealand this morning. Eleven people have died in the basket of a hot air balloon. It caught fire and was just a wall of flame when it hit the ground. My heartfelt sympathy to all and the families, what a tragic thing to happen on a glorious Summer morning in a part of the country well-known for hot air ballooning. My Dad always used to say, ‘if you’re going up in the air, have wings and an engine.’ I have to admit you couldn’t pay me enough money to try a hot air balloon. I suffer from vertigo and that includes cable cars and ski lifts as well.

I woke up to a lovely surprise. A website called “Books 2 Heart” has an author feature home page. Look who it is today!! (and tell your friends)


I have also been asked to do a guest blog on a well-known book blog, Katheryn Lane. I shall include a link to it when it’s up. It will be about ‘The Secret Keeper.’

Downloads are at around 12,700 combined and it will be four months on Monday. I have created the cover for the next book and am making steady progress (a little slow when I have tiny people around as well).

The next baby in the pipeline

If you know anyone who would review the book when it comes out, do let me know. It is a black comedic drama, with at least seven murders and LOTS of wine.









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