A Crafty Day

We had a crafty time in our house yesterday. It was the centre of the craft universe! We had three little boys, 6 and three-quarters, 5 and three-quarters and 3 and three-quarters and it was a full on day.

Firstly they made paper planes under the expert guidance of Ben, who is the oldest, then they decorated them. Then we had a wizard picnic lunch on the back lawn under our magic sheet (covered in wizardry things) strung up on the clothes line. Our rotary clothes line can be wound up high and makes a fantastic pirate ship or wizard’s cave.

Food always tastes SO much better outside! Cheerios and little mince pies and cheesy buns and salad and chocolate cake and gingerbread men with lashings of ‘rocket juice’ (sparkly guava juice).

After lunch Grandma/Nana T taught Ben to knit and he picked it up really quickly. Asher and Lucas played with our ‘water feature’. Lots of sea animals in the big bathroom sink. The tiger shark ate the dolphins and the whale ate the tiger shark and the megladon ate the whale and a T-Rex ate the megladon and Lucas taught Asher about the food chain.

Then it was off to the playground across the road to fly the paper planes and play ‘hide and seek’ around the great big trees and attack the swings, slides, steam roller, see saw etc. Home for an ice-cream or a popsicle, cake, baby pikelets and some cartoons.

But then the craft came out. Lollipop sticks and polystyrene hearts and paint and mosaics made with smashed china. We stuck googlie eyes on hearts and turned them into painted arrows and Ben made the most amazing china, hearts and paint mosaic. Asher and Lucas played with cars on the floor and had a whale of a time.

At the end of the day two different Mummies put two different lots of happy, contended little boys into two different cars. What a grand age! What fun to be exploring and learning and conquering new challenges!  

7.30 and Grandma/Nana T and I climbed onto our respective sofas and turned on the TV. We woke up at 9.30pm and went to bed. Happy Days!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruth Burns Warrens
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 09:31:04

    Hope they were mince pies, not ‘mice pies’!
    Otherwise sounds wonderful!


  2. jmt4159
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 20:50:59

    I thought afterwards I should have left it as it was and put at the bottom

    *Please note the only difference between mince pies and mice pies is that in the recipe for mice pies, you leave the ‘n’ out of the mix.


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