Lucas time

You shall have to forgive a little bit of twitter silence.  I have Lucas from today until Friday and then every day next week. I have him for 10 hours a day and I don’t have the energy to blog. But I shall make up for it Saturday!

Today we made mosaics. We put broken china on a towel on the back lawn and smashed it to smithereens with a hammer and a rock and glued it to mirror tiles with mosaic glue. The smashing was fantastic fun and the glueing was quite cool too. Then this afternoon we went out to my brother’s farm and Lucas swam and made it all round the pool in a flotation penguin, including the deep end. High fives! We played with Mouse ( a very small dog) and discovered many treasures. He was a tired,  but very happy, bunny tonight.

So I am away to the sofa and a rest. See you on the other side.




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