Seeing in 2012 with Miranda Hart

This is the one time of the year when it feels a little weird to be living in New Zealand. It’s 2012 here and has been for about ten hours but in most of the world it’s still 2011. New Year’s Eve was damp here, after a week of fairly heavy rain in most of the country, so some of the celebrations were cancelled. I suspect it was a fairly quiet one. I could hear a few fireworks at midnight and I tried to tweet RIGHT on 12am, not really sure why.

Before the bewitching hour I had laughed myself silly watching an omnibus of episodes of Miranda on TV. Miranda Hart, hands down the funniest female comedian ever. I’m not sure why she amuses me so much but I suspect I see myself in some of her situations. If you want to laugh, PLEASE have a look at this. Maybe I’m just silly but it makes me cry with laughter.

New Year’s Day to us means horse races, the BIG race day at Ellerslie in Auckland. My bro has three horses running, two in one race. So it will be a day in front of the telly for Mum, comfy and relaxed, no need for hat, makeup or glam dress and as she said this morning, “My slave can bring me food.” I have no idea who she means.

 Sad news from the garden, Phyllis went to seed and had to be removed, but Mavis is still in the ground because she has TWO new heads growing. I had no idea that broccoli could grow new heads after you’d cut the main one off, it sounds vaguely like some weird genetic experiment. More Pak Choi and silverbeet this evening and the lunchtime salad may well feature the first lettuce fresh from the vege garden.  

Book downloads hurtling towards 11,000 and I am waiting to see if “The Secret Keeper” will make 7000 for the month of December on Amazon, doing well on Sony as well.

Once again Happy New Year! Good morning 2012, we are here….


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