Ramin Karimloo, John Owen Jones, Nicole Scherzinger, Tony Bennett and other famous singers

Just this morning we were watching the rain falling and discussing that most people go on holiday at the wrong time of the year here. Businesses have to close over Christmas and New Year so the bulk of people take their holidays to coincide with the statutory days off. Late December through to early January…and often the weather is as it is today, wet, windy and unsettled. About mid January it settles down to a hot summer and is gorgeous through to early March. Could we start a petition to move Christmas and New Year?  I do so love tilting at windmills.

The 2011 Royal Variety Performance was on telly the other night. A few too many comics who didn’t make me laugh, a couple who seriously did and some interesting musical acts. The two gymnasts were amazing, the drummers who opened the show were cool and many of the singers were too ‘screachy’ for me. Tony Bennett is a force of nature, Barry Manilow is so unwrinkled it was hard to concentrate on his song and I kept wishing he’d sung something of his I loved more….but there was one-act that blew my socks off, metaphorically speaking. Earlier in the evening we had seen Nicole Scherzinger sing. All I knew was that she used to be in a girl band and she is Lewis Hamilton’s girlfriend. Apart from that we had the sound on mute. THEN they had Phantom of the Opera with four Phantoms and she was Christine. Two of the phantoms were Ramin Karimloo and John Owen Jones, two of my very favourites of all time. Wish we could have had more of them, much much much more of them. Nicole Scherzinger was sublime as Christine and we sat there with our mouths open. Who would have thought it?

My brother has two horses racing in a big race at Ellerslie on New Year’s Day, both in the same race. The draw is made completely randomly by computer and he has drawn barrier draw 21 and 22, what are the odds of that? He’s having a good run at the moment, quite a few winners. One on Wednesday won by five lengths going away from the field. 

 One of the cool things about having books in the public domain is the people you meet along the way. A lovely 85 year old ex-RAF engineer sent me a tweet yesterday to tell me how much he enjoyed Dad’s book of letters home during WWII. He worked on Spits and loved them and much of the book touched him deeply. This morning I got a tweet from the author of the number two ranking book in Jewish fiction on Amazon, sending his greetings to the number one ranked author, me! Ha!

Today I shall spend most of my day, as I did yesterday, in the world of Vinnie and his difficult path in life. I do love having a W.I.P. I love it most of all when people don’t know that it stands for Work In Progress and you can say, “I’m just off to my WIP” and they look at you with a new respect. Well, a new something anyway.




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