Electricity and left overs

This is my 100th post to my blog! Maybe the Queen will send me a telegram and maybe she won’t. I am approaching my 1000th tweet on Twitter. I am racing towards my 10,000th download for one of my books somewhere, not that I will know which one it is so I can’t send them a virtual thumbs up..

Doesn’t it show you how life has changed? The way we communicate and learn information and make ourselves heard in the world has changed exponentially in the last few years. We had a dinner party last night one of the topics we discussed was alternative fiction, books where something important has been changed about the world and the book is set in an almost ‘alternative universe.’ It’s a genre that can be very thought-provoking. The first book I ever read in that genre was “The Cut” by Kingsley Amis. The premise is that the Reformation never happened, King Henry’s marriage to Katherine was annulled and the Catholic Church rules the modern world. One of the major differences is the lack of scientific knowledge and development, no evolution, no earth revolving around the sun, no motor cars, no planes and no electricity. Imagine our world without electricity. Firstly I would be writing on a piece of parchment, probably with a quill, and would then give it to a small child to run round all your houses….

This is the season of goodwill, presents and left overs. Since Christmas Day we’ve had ham, crayfish, strawberries, Pavlova, fruit salad, mountains of small new potatoes, chicken pizza (homemade) and rocky road, vanilla shortbread and brownies. And we still have half a brocoli to finish before embarking on Phyllis, the last one. Mum got a Spitfire DvD and book for Christmas and a couple of our Spitfire enthusiast friends are coming to watch the DvD, I suggested 1940’s food and Mum said it would be Spam sandwiches, no butter, no eggs, no sugar. Hmmm, maybe not.

I have been ‘joussing’ my books, not sure how to spell that but it means giving them a bit of a makeover. New cover and new innards for “The Secret Keeper” and “Stirred Not Shaken” on Amazon. Over 5,500 copies of the novel now and over 4,000 of the other two combined. Anybody read Chapter One of WIP? No-one commented so I am assuming it was probably the wrong time of the year to post it.

Two more days of 2011 to go, hasn’t the year flown by? 2012 here we come, ready or not.


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