Presents and ebooks

I got a cool present yesterday! It practically never happens to me, so I was quite excited by it. This is a woman who got a bar of face soap and a bottle of shampoo from her mother for her 50th birthday, so you can see that when it comes to presents, I give good ones, I get very little. But my brother and sister-in-law gave me an attachment for my garden hose and a pair of gardening gloves. Yes! It means I can water my garden without drowning it. I can go round with a fine mist or a not so fine mist…excellent. My Mum gave me the free gift she got at a pre-Christmas ‘do’, ready wrapped, so she had no idea what was in it. Turns out it was hand and nail cream and a buffer, good, I can use that.

It was a long day, a hot day, plenty of time in the car (nearly five hours) and lots of Simon and Garfunkle music on the way…lovely food and time with family. The boxes we’d done for Christmas went down very well. Strawberry jam, lemon honey, tomato relish and sweets, fudge, coconut ice and rocky road and some yummy shortbread, in wedges the way Gordon Ramsey taught us on telly the other night.

So, Christmas is over for another year and we hurtle towards 2012. I am looking forward to it. We don’t usually do New Year’s Eve, we start out with great intentions but at about 10pm we look at each other and say, “See you next year.” Hard to stay up to midnight when you’re 88. That’s her, not me. I used to party when I was a youngster but one day I looked at myself in the mirror and that youngster had gone (thank goodness).

 Apparently two million people got Kindles for Christmas, and probably a fair few got other sorts of ereaders. That’s good news. At present “The Secret Keeper” is being downloaded from Amazon about forty times an hour and is nearly at 3500 for December. That seems a lot of people reading my work, which makes me gulp a little. Nearly 7600 over the three books in three and a half months. It’s funny how you get used to it, though. When my work first started being downloaded I was thrilled that ANYONE actually chose it. Now, I watch the numbers climb and think ‘yeah, this is how it feels to be an author.’ They are picking it off a ‘bookshelf’, just as I’ve always wanted them to do. I will have one, probably two, maybe three, new works up next year…I’m leaning towards the 40-50,000 word novella and lots of product up relatively quickly and the occasional long work. That seems to be a formula that works for successful ebook sellers. Between them, the writing and Lucas give my life a structure and purpose I didn’t even know it was lacking.

Enough being philosophical, time for breakfast. There will be a newspaper to read and a house to clean (we have visitors from Australia tomorrow! how posh is that?), leftovers to eat and A GARDEN TO WATER! I will be highly annoyed if it rains, I shall probably water anyway.

Hope you’re enjoying the festive season and may all your holiday dreams come true.


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