The day we call Christmas

And so this is Christmas…once again the Red Baron is saving Snoopy from ice on his wings, Mama is kissing Santa Claus and shopping malls everywhere have finally ceased wishing everyone ‘For Lease Navidad’.

Christmas music, some of it makes you lose the will to live, some of it is beautiful. My favourite is ‘O Holy Night’, I love the tune, closely followed by “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” I am also fond of the Fred Dagg version of “We Three Kings of Orient Are” (“One on a tractor, two in a car, one on a scooter, tooting a hooter, following yonder star”…) If you grew up with it too, it will now rattle around in your brain all day.

Our first Christmas in Cambridge, same decorations, same 18-inch-decorations-attached Christmas tree, different rooms. We spend much more time in the car, first a brunch party down the road at my brother’s place and then off to Auckland to another brother’s place for late lunch. In both places there will be excited, laughing, bright-eyed children enveloped in a sea of wrapping paper.

I could get all nostalgic but the truth is I don’t remember a great deal about the Christmases of my childhood. I do remember having a pillowcase at the end of my bed and it had an orange in the bottom of it, undoubtedly presents too, but it’s the orange I remember. I suspect I used to wake up very early. I remember Fiona Rope told me that Santa wasn’t real.   I remember not being able to finish a whole turkey leg and losing a bet. Most of my memories are as an adult watching family units, of mother/father/children, celebrating and me spending time preparing food in the kitchen and doing the dishes. And laughing, we have some very funny people in our family.

Whatever you do and whoever you are with, I hope it is a happy, safe and enjoyable day. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Have I told you lately how my books are selling? Allow me a little self-satisfied smile. We are closing in on a combined total of 7000 and very nearly 3000 of those are the novel. I am #1 for free Jewish fiction on Kindle and I bet I am the only Gentile on the list! Not bad for three months. I got an email from a man who wants to translate it into Hungarian for his blog, the largest Kindle blog in Hungry. Goodness. And it now has four five-star reviews. Dad’s letters are also doing very well.

Well, time to go do Christmas preparation things and put the carols on the CD player for their annual spin. If it’s still Christmas Eve for you, I hope you have a lovely one and a great day tomorrow. And as a final Christmas gift I do HEARTILY recommend this Christmas movie from the wonderful winery, Two Paddocks. If you like movies you may well recognise the casting director and winery proprietor.


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