Holding Post

Hello lovely readers

It is 7.30pm on a Wednesday night and I am saying “hello” and nothing more. At present I have the lovely Lucas from 8am to 6pm and we have had two FULL-ON days. Two more to go and then he is with his parents until early January. So there may be a slight pause in service until Saturday morning….at which time I shall tell you about Butterfly Creek and Nana M’s farm, swimming, the electric chair, the chickens, the ram’s horn, feeding the multitude of ducks, the mystery we solved as we walked around the lake (followed by a mob of hungry ducks) fishing with a willow pole and then a bamboo spear, making fudge and coconut ice and filling bags for the Great Christmas Project.

By then I will have other things to add, making strawberry jam and rocky road, going to the playground and riding a steamroller, a picnic and making a paper mache globe to paint, holding the world’s first Dinosaur Dancing School (where we will teach a whole basketful of dinosaurs to do the triceratop rock and the T Rex rap).

So I must away to the couch and a relaxing glass of something….to all mothers, grandmothers, nannies, caregivers out there…I SALUTE YOU!


We even take pictures of ourselves, we are genius!


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  1. Ruth
    Dec 22, 2011 @ 02:43:33

    “the electric chair” didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the idyllic picture?!


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