Singing, the Graf Spee and holiday fun

I had a rest from blogging yesterday and I’ve decided I will do that from time to time, mostly on a Sunday. So what’s up, what do I have to report? Quite a lot as it happens.

We went to church yesterday and it was the loveliest service, the children’s nativity play. Lots of little angels and wise men and sheep and shepherds and even a real live baby! People took photos of their little darlings performing and Andrew, our very cool vicar, wore a brown sunhat to be a shepherd. We sang all the favourite carols and I have news to report on my singing! I lost my voice for a month last July with what turned into trachytitis and have had quite a husk ever since. My singing voice disappeared completely and I was beginning to think it would be forever. Which was a great shame, I love singing, especially in the car when no-one can hear me. Tried it Friday and it was just a croak. Well it came back yesterday, in church, with a vengeance! I sang those carols with renewed voice and a glad heart. Every so often I give it a little burst to make sure it’s still there. Thank you Lord.

 “The Secret Keeper” is now free on Amazon and people are downloading it, 1388 so far this month, so I do hope they enjoy it. It still feels decidedly weird to think people who don’t know me will read my work.

And the Graf Spee has been scuttled by her Captain and sunk in Montevideo harbour. If that sounds completely nuts, read Saturday’s blog. I follow RealTime WWII on Twitter. The German raider limped into the neutral harbour and had 72 hours respite before she had to leave or the crew would be interred. Three British warships waited for her outside:
“6PM Admiral Henry Harwood, on Ajax, is writing to his wife Joan: “Things are tricky at the moment- we don’t know if he is coming out again.”
“Probably another battle & who knows-I hope for the best. If worst happens, you know you have all my love.”
“8PM German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee is leaving Montevideo harbour. 3 Royal Navy ships waiting for her.”
“8.40PM Graf Spee has stopped just 7km from Montevideo harbour. Lifeboats moving from Spee to nearby German merchant ship, Tacoma.”
“8.55PM Huge explosion from Spee! Ship’s own torpedos. Capt. Langsdorff scuttled her rather than risk his crew’s lives.”
“Sunken Graf Spee burned all night; upper decks still above water. Crew now being taken to Buenos Aires for internment.”

Today there has been a fascinating exchange about the Luftwaffe fighters intercepting RAF Bombers over Germany. You don’t often get an account from the other side.
“1.30PM Germans attacking. Unteroffizier Heolmayr: “RAF pilot was an old hand. Each time we fired he banked, & our gun bursts hissed past.”
“On our 4th attack came a thud, a hiss, hits in our aircraft, a blow to my left arm. But at the same time I saw the Wellington was burning.”
“RAF plane crashed into the sea. We saw the oil slick. Our cockpit was smoking, smelled of gunpowder. I saw splashes of blood from my arm.”
“2.00PM RAF retreating after disastrous dogfight- Luftwaffe have shot down 12 bombers, badly damaged 3. 3 German planes lost.”

This morning I’ve weeded the vege garden and later I need to make a paper mache globe using a balloon so that it will have dried and be ready for Lucas to paint later in the week. We have another batch of lemon honey to make this week, fudge and coconut ice and rocky road as well and the presents to prepare – looking forward to that and I’m sure Lucas will enjoy filling the bags.

Tomorrow we’re off on a big adventure, off to Auckland and to Butterfly Creek. Ahead of us wait two very large salt water crocodiles, baby alligators, millions of butterflies, a pink toed tarantula, fish, farm animals, a train and I suspect, a very memorable day. The report will be Wednesday’s blog. 

By the way, the Big Blanket Project is going very well. It’s a blanket that consists of over 200 knitted squares of a multitude of colours, textures and shapes and next winter it will cover our four seater sofa. Until then it has found another use, I am so glad all my hard work is appreciated….

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