Life’s subtext

Every so often you have a day of genuine subtext. What I mean by that is living at more than just the surface level of daily activities. Life does operate on many levels. You eat, sleep, breath on one level and do your usual chores, housework, shopping, gardening on another and deal with repercussions of past actions and plan for your future on another.

Yesterday I read the paper, went shopping and bought some plants for the garden, planted them and turned over the soil in the vege patch again, did a washing and hung it on the line, ate three meals (including a lovely spring lamb chop with new potatoes, miniature carrots and silverbeet from the garden), picked Lucas up from school and played a game about a toy zebra having a conversation with a whale shark, helped him make a birthday card for his Dad, did the ‘tickle dance’ with him in the kitchen, fixed a broken dinosaur tail with glue (as you do), read and knitted yet another square for the Big Blanket Project while I watched a TV programme about Ronnie Biggs on the Discovery Channel, then did two hours writing draft two of the next novel….all in all, just another brick in the wall.

Yet underneath all that normal stuff,  book ‘sales’ of my suddenly free book on Amazon climbed from 529 to 1122. And for much of the day I was rated number one in the memoir rankings for free books. Number two was Mark Twain. And in the paid ranking number one was Steve Jobs. That was a touch surreal. I also ‘sold’ forty copies of ‘The Secret Keeper’ on Smashwords.

People saw my note at the end of “Our Father’s War” and they visited this blog, read about me and clicked through to Smashwords to see my other books. So the theoretical system of cross-promotion does, in fact, work.

So on we go, gardening, writing, living and being a #1 ranked Kindle author, ah, the subtext of life!

Vulcanologist in the making



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