A Porcelain Unicorn

Sometimes I wake up and I know what I’ll blog about, sometimes I know that inspiration will hit and sometimes I just start writing and when I run out of words, I stop.

This morning I watched the final of the ATP year ending tennis championship in London on ESPN whilst I ate my breakfast. It was Roger Federer playing Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and Fed won in three sets. Indoor, fast court, great tennis and they hit the ball SO hard. I used to produce tennis for Sky Sport years ago and it ties with rugby as my favourite sport, except I really only enjoy the All Blacks playing rugby, whereas I can watch anyone play tennis and still enjoy the spectacle. I will always be grateful I was alive in the age of Federer, the greatest player of all time for me.

As I left the lounge I said to Mother, “Between here and the computer inspiration may hit.” Once the blog is written I have some gardening to do and then out for some mundane grocery shopping. I will get some more compost and some blood and bone as the soil needs attention.  Then I will spend most of the rest of the day writing. I don’t look after Lucas today so I can settle in to the second draft of the novel. I am leaning towards “In Vino Veritas” as a title, I like it but it might be a bit too complicated, a bit too clever. It means “In wine there is truth” and it fits quite well with the themes.

All in all, a Monday, like any other Monday. Then I sat down at the computer and a good friend had sent me a link to a You Tube clip. But not just any clip. It is the inaugural Grand Prize winner of a global film-making competition launched by Philips (the corporate) and director/producer Ridley Scott. The theme was “Tell it Your Way” and entrants were given freedom of expression, just two rules, precisely six lines of dialogue and no more than three minutes. This clip was directed by Keegan Wilcox and is the winner and it makes you sit up and think about how precious life is and how we must value each moment we have. It also shows you how inherently good and innocent children are and how we must strive to make sure they stay that way.

I do urge you to watch it. It is…inspirational.

Porcelain Unicorn



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