That thing that cannot be mentioned

Today is election day and you are not allowed to make political statements. So I shall tell you that yesterday I went to Cambridge Town Square and met the man who is our Prime Minister, with many other of his supporters. I had made delicious shortbread to feed the scrutineers, and being me, I had made a dozen chocolate-chip shortbread cookies and iced them with a blue “N” in writing gel (photos coming) for the campaign bus. They were much appreciated. More about this tomorrow.

Today we are scrutineering and we aren’t allowed to talk to the voters but we can smile at them. I am doing a split shift 9 am till 1pm and then 4pm until the votes are counted. The booths are quite small here so it should be over by 8 or 8.30pm. I would urge you, if you live in New Zealand and you are enrolled, to go out and VOTE. And I do this for two reasons:

If you don’t vote, you forfeit your right to criticise the outcome and the government that is elected. This is your chance to have a say, why would you not take it? And secondly, think about all the places in the world where people would love to vote but don’t have the chance. Think about the people who have died protesting for the right to exercise a democratic right and experience freedom. Voting is one of the precious things we take for granted.

And another dilemma yesterday. Lucas and I were driving from school to home and discussing Christmas. We covered decorations and gingerbread cookies and the fact that Santa prefers cider to milk and Rudolph and waking up early and having presents under the tree. I thought the conversation was going quite well until the voice from the backseat said:  “So, is Santa real? Because I never see him.” Hhhmmm. Not my place. I said he was very busy visiting everyone and he manages it with magic. He seemed quite happy with that and went on to tell me his sweet tooth was wiggly and the tooth fairy would come and leave him 20cents! Ever since the dental nurse told him he has a sweet tooth, he’s been desperate to work out which tooth it is and whether it will be worth more money.

So off for an interesting day, I shall tell you all about it tomorrow, when there are no restrictions that my blog could break and the men in the white coats would come…some would say it was about time…


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  1. Mcv Egan
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 08:25:54

    Goodluck on the elections. You give such a nice taste of life in New Zealand and make me want to visit! Love the save on the Santa question and may the best candidate for New Zealand win, as I know absolutely nothing about it! Here in the States we are allowed to talk to the voters, I think your way sounds better! :), at the very least friendlier!


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