Cars and Dreams

Quite late yesterday afternoon I got an email from Louise  (my local MP) checking to see if we were coming on the cavalcade today. Cars will be dressed in blue and will drive around town showing the ‘National’ flag. Then the campaign (decorated) bus comes through and we jump on it and go as far as Putararu. Cars are going with the bus and someone will give us a lift back to Cambridge. Sounds like fun and a chance for me to wear my “I’m a Key Person” bright blue T Shirt.

So, decided I needed to wash the car. Dirt and blue don’t mix. So I grabbed the bucket, the sponge, the car cleaner and the hose and within minutes it was shiny silver! Needed to dry off so I left it in the driveway….hmm. Got up this morning, garage door, up. Car on driveway, unlocked and keys stuck in the boot. Either we live in a very safe neighbourhood or we have a VERY crappy car. (I know it isn’t the latter because one of the things I love about Lucas is that he thinks a silver Toyota Carina is a SUPER COOL car)

Yesterday we gardened. I got sacks of potting mix and compost and three lovely strawberry plants! We removed stones and soil and mixed up new, enriched soil. We planted my three strawberry plants, grow little fruit, grow!! I weeded the vege garden so the carrots don’t have so much competition and we planted the tree we brought from our old house. It grew to be a huge tree very quickly there, so we brought a thin little stick and stuck it in a pot. Six months later  and its already in leaf and growing, so we put it in its own little corner. I fed our edible garden with Thrive (Miracle Grow Mark2) and we watered and watered and watered.  Later today we will plant ground cover. We are ridiculously proud of our gardens.

Haven’t written for a couple of days and sometimes stepping back gives you clarity and the subconscious will solve any problems. I thought my plot was too obvious and too linear, a help in a film script but, sometimes, a hinderance in a novel. And now I know how to solve it. I have notes, I have plans and tonight I shall make changes!! Oh, the power.

I had a strange dream last night, I rode over the Harbour Bridge on a bike and when I got to a cafe I discovered I hadn’t brought my money purse and I was wearing my orange writing T Shirt and baggy track pants.  Mum came to the rescue, but she gave me $10 and went away again. What does that mean? And why wasn’t she Hugh Jackman or George Clooney? Probably because I was in my writing T Shirt. My subconscious has better dress sense than I do.



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