Lee Child and Life with Lucas and Mother

Time to attend to some house keeping:

I mentioned Jim Grant was the best-selling author in the English-speaking world at this moment. He is, in case you hadn’t worked it out, Lee Child. The man behind Jack Reacher. And as every Lee Child fan knows, Reacher is very tall and muscular and physical and is a sort of crime fighting machine. They’re shooting the first Reacher movie right now and who have they cast in the role? Tom Cruise. A short man who leaps on sofas and believes aliens came out of volcanoes. I don’t know one Child fan who doesn’t burst out laughing when this is discussed. Child/Grant himself says that fans will be “weirded out” for the first 5 minutes but it’s the next 95 minutes that matter. I’d be more concerned that the best selling author in the English-speaking world uses a word like ‘weirded’, myself.

How is the Big Blanket Project going, I hear you ask? If you’re clamouring to know you’ll need to speak up, I can hardly hear you. It now covers almost the entire lounge floor when its spread out and nearly covers all of the 4 seater sofa. I’ve taken to working on separate bits of 10 or 12 squares and then sewing that onto the whole. It’s not going to cover the sofa until winter because it’s far too hot to sprawl over for the next few months. However, it does have two uses, Chloe likes to sleep in it if I make a nest for her in one of the arm chairs and Lucas likes to play at being a baby dinosaur in an egg on the sofa, covered by this huge blanket.

Speaking of Lucas, he comes to my place on Fridays (rest of the time we play at his farm) and yesterday we cooked. We made brownies and he was very businesslike in his approach. He measured out everything, he cracked the eggs in, he stirred very well and he did a quality taste test at each stage. Actually it was a chance to discuss how each added ingredient changed the mixture and what it does. The hardest question to answer was, “what does the flour do?” The end result was spectacular, moist, dark, chocolately, fudgey and delicious. Cut whilst still warm and half in an ice-cream container to go home with him. I think next week we shall make cookies of some sort.

And we did some gardening. Yesterday morning we went out to my brother and sister-in-law’s farm and looked at their amazing garden. They have some wonderfully massive trees and much of the garden is in shade. I love to stand and listen to the sound of the wind in the trees. We brought home some ground cover for one garden and some plants to replace the freesias in the garden that has the swan plant. They have lovely bell-shaped flowers apparently and are many different colours. Today we will get some new potting mix and soil and prepare the conservatory garden for its riot of colour! The stones are gone and the bulbs have been lifted….oh, move over Maggie Barry/Alan Titchmarsh!

And I have to tell you about Mother’s diary next week. I am her social secretary, I keep her appointments. Tuesday night she is going to the Waipa Sportsperson of the Year Award dinner. My lovely Aunt, the widow of Mum’s younger brother, is nominated for a contribution to sport award. Ann is still, very successfully, training her own steeplechasers and hurdlers in her 70s. Wednesday Mum goes to an Anglican Parish Women’s afternoon tea, honoured guest because of her magnificent speech about Dad last Sunday. Thursday night we go to a scrutineers training night because we are scrutineering for the National Party on election day. Friday afternoon Lucas comes to play and she will join in and eat the result of our cooking. Saturday is election day and we will work and entertain the masses as they vote. I’ll be late home as I can’t leave my booth until all the votes are counted. We will stay up until there is a result, which I suspect won’t take all that long. I LOVE election night. Sunday we go to a post-election party for the National Party and celebrate with our MP. Full schedule for anyone. Mum is 88. She is a force of nature.


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