Trash and Treasure

Well I have been a stallholder! This morning I manned (or womanned) the National Party stall for the November Trash and Treasure market. Up at 5.40, ready to leave the house at 7am. Had to queue for a spot because we are not regulars and they were very fair. The other parties were in the main street so they gave me a spot in the main street, a very good spot actually.

I set up my card table and covered it with a blue towel which had some banners stapled to the front of it. Then I set out my literature and lastly my large (blue) basket full to the brim of lollipops and sweets. Crowds started in earnest around 8.30 and that had given me time to make two purchases: a bag of lovely lemons from the organic fruit and vege stall next door and a shooting stick for $3 from the Lions jumble table. A shooting stick is a steel and leather contraption with a pointed end that sinks into grass and a leather strap across the top that you can rest/sit upon. Mum has long wanted one but we thought they were too expensive. Bargain of the day!

I met some very nice people, gave away a bit of literature and LOTS of sweets. The kids were shy and had been taught not to take sweets from strangers so needed parental approval and in some cases were happy to take it from Mum or Dad. Many took some sweets for their grandkids. One woman told me it was “bribery” because her kid was too young to vote. I resisted the temptation to say, “Well you know what the Jesuits say” and just smiled and said “good will” instead. Our local MP Louise Upston was there for a while and people do like her, she is very sociable.

Whilst I was ‘flying the blue’ flag, Mum was doing a sterling job talking about Dad in church and she assures me they were delighted and have asked her back next year for the 8am and the 9.30am services. She really enjoyed herself and it is good for her to be responsible for getting herself somewhere and doing something by herself. After the service she came down and sat at the table so I could go for a potter and get some dinosaurs for the basket and another two silverbeet plants.

We had our own silverbeet last night and it was delicious, best ever by a country mile. 10 minutes out the ground and into the steamer. And our own potatoes too. I got some rhubarb today, so it will be rhubarb for dessert tonight. Feel like a gather, if not a hunter.


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