Melbourne Cup, Downtown Abbey and the Kennedys

It is the day after the Melbourne Cup. The horses we backed with our $2 bets came first and third. $2 on the place. Not exactly the kind of return you can use to retire to the South of France, but we get $6.20 for our $2 on Dunaden and $9 for our $2 bet on Lucas Crannach. And we had a great party, hats and dinosaurs and gold coins and a good sweepstake. No-one won, but we all celebrated the fact that our horses ran. Dinosaur sandwiches and jubes (see earlier posts) and popcorn, chocolate chippie biscuits, chocolate ice-cream and red, green and blackcurrent jelly. Good healthy party food then. Loved watching Charlotte and Lucas timing each other running around the lounge with her Great-great Grandpa’s stop watch. 

The election continues, still kind of under the radar. I didn’t watch the debate on TV One. It was, apparently, exactly what I thought it would be, a shouting match and pissing contest. Why do they call them debates? I know what a debate is, each side gets a chance to speak and a chance to rebut the opponent’s argument and it is moderated fairly and people get to hear about policy. What happened on Monday night was not a debate.

Episode Three of Downton Abbey last night and episode two of the Kennedys. Bates is back in the picture and his wife has been unfaithful, so he can get a divorce and marry Anna. Apparently, the wife has to prove cruelty as well as adultery, but for the husband, adultery is enough. Oh, enlightened times. And the competition between Cora and Isobel is hotting up, with nasty old Thomas manipulating it all in the background. Mary is doing her superb ice maiden trick and Edith is a hit with the recovering soldiers, never underestimate the plain one. We are supposed to be rooting for Mary to get Matthew now because she had a chance to ‘do in’ her rival, Lavinia, and she didn’t. 

No, that was Downtown Abbey, not The Kennedys. Jacquie wanted a divorce because Jack plays around (who knew?) and by now adultery is enough for the wife. But the old reprobate, his father, persuades her to live with it. Bobbie wants to retire from politics after helping Jack win, but the old reprobate, his father, orders him to stay. And we all know that ended well. Now we’ve got past the close election and next week it will be something gripping like the Bay of Pigs and, no doubt, more misery for Jacquie on the matrimonial front. She can’t have been that upset by it otherwise she wouldn’t have been so determined for so many years that the legend of “American Camelot” stayed unblemished. I don’t remember JFK’s assassination, I was 3. But I do remember Bobbie’s. I remember being upset because everyone around me was and it seemed a sad day for the world.

And one last point for Halloween. Next year I have decided that at least one member of our family should wear a costume. And I know exactly what it will be…as below.


If I was you, Chloe, I'd leave now.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruth Burns Warrens
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 09:35:02

    We’re watching it recorded and are also up to Episode 4! (Ep7 was on TV Sunday night)


  2. jmt4159
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 09:46:07

    Some of the dialogue is a touch clunky, as if Fellowes wants to show off how much research he’s done. But the acting is very good and the costumes, especially the dresses in series one, just gorgeous. I have heard there is much mischief to come!!


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