Melbourne Cup Day!

It’s the first Tuesday of November. And the first day in November, white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits (me, superstitious?) It is the day of the race that stops two nations. Really? Does New Zealand really stop for the Melbourne Cup? Certainly Cambridge does, but you would expect it to, every other person here is a horse. If you know what I mean.

I have memories of organising office sweeps and people grumbled when they didn’t win, drew a shocking horse, drew a great horse and still didn’t win, didn’t like the person who drew the winning horse etc. And I spent a week walking around saying, “don’t shoot the person who organised the sweep.” Then when I worked from home Mum and I had half the field each and she always managed to have the top half of the field.

I do bet on one race day a year. Today. I have about five $2 bets and sometimes I pick the winner amongst that lot. If I do, I come some way to breaking even. If it happens to be a horse no-one suspected would win and I happen to have had a win and a place bet, I might make a few dollars. That’s one reason why I only bet once a year, I couldn’t pick a winner in a two-horse race.

Today I am picking Lucas up at school and bringing him here. Sarah is coming with her two, Charlotte is 3 and Chloe is 1 and we are having a Melbourne Cup party. Mum will find us hats to wear each, Lucas may be Ok with a woollen All Blacks Beannie. And I have some gold covered chocolate coins so we may run a TAB. And we will have party food.

We had NOT ONE tricker or treater last night. So the jubes are still around, until the party tonight. Along with dinosaur shaped sandwiches, peanut butter and fairy bread (not together) and chocolate-chip cookies and jelly and chocolate ice-cream. And we can yell and shout for our favourite horse. Or yell and shout for our favourite until we’re hoarse.

I will report tomorrow on who won the sweep and how the betting with the gold coins went.


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