World Population, the Kennedys and Placido Domingo

A little less serious today, I think. There is a new gimmick out there which is based on world population data and gives you an estimate of your place in the world population. What number were you? You put in your birth date and it generates a number, based on the population on the day you were born. As hundreds of thousands are born, and die, every day it isn’t exactly accurate. BUT, I was (approximately) the 3,015,799,802 person born. Mum was the 1,936,369,669 person and Dad was the 1,834,473,994 person. Wouldn’t you love to know what date would give you number 1?

There’s a new miniseries on TV called the Kennedys. It isn’t about the parents of a violin player, it is about the American political dynasty. The first one screened last Tuesday immediately after the second episode of series two of the totally brilliant Downton Abbey and it suffered a little by comparison. Tom Wilkinson is as brilliant as ever, Greg Kinnear looks spookily like JFK, but Katie Holmes looks like Katie Holmes dressed as Jacquie Kennedy. The flashbacks to the 1940’s were interesting. I’ll stick with it and see how it ends.

Placido Domingo is in the middle of a series of two 40th anniversary gala concerts at Covent Garden. He does Act 3 of Riggoletto, playing Rigoletto not the Duke any more, Act 3 of Simon Boccanegro (again the baritone role) and Act 4 of Otello. The ROH website asked for comments about memories of him and I love this one from David Lomeli, “I made my debut with him as my rival. When he sang a high note in our duet, I forgot to continue. All just stopped. Magic.”

Speaking of music, Sweeney Todd in Chichester continues to get fantastic reviews and hundreds of tweets from amazed audience members. They are talking of a transfer next year into the Adelphi Theatre in the West End. And maybe even a tour to Australia, that might be a bit of a pipe dream, but if it happened, it would be worth a plane trip. It certainly deserves a life after November 5th.

Downloads of Dad’s book are at 245 and the new one is going great guns, up to Chapter Five, the wine is flowing and so are the murders!!  

No, this isn't the worst.


This one comes pretty close...


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