John Key, National and the election

Hold on to your seats, peoples, today I am being political. Today I feel moved to blog about the election.

I grew up in a political household, as far back as I can remember my parents helped their local MP and were active on election day. Jim McClay, Don McKinnon, Paul East, Maurice Williamson. In the dim recesses of my memory I remember meeting Jack Marshall with Dad and I must have been very young. And Muldoon, back in the days when we all liked Muldoon. I remember being in Australia and it was my birthday and someone told us that Norm Kirk had died. So politics are kind of in my blood. When I read the letters Dad wrote home during the war, he expresses his desire to be involved, to create a better place, to make sure this never happens again. He would have made a good politician.

But on to the present. We moved to Cambridge and found it was in the Taupo electorate and our sitting MP is Louise Upston. We offered to help and we are. She’s a warm, intelligent, perceptive woman, with a quick wit and a strong interest in education. She has young children and works for a better country for them. I like her. People like her are the backbone of this country.

In my opinion the decision of the Labour party to leave Phil Goff off the billboards is a mistake. Yes, we vote on policy, but we need a face to that policy. We need to know the leadership will stand up and be counted when things get rough. And BOY have they been rough over recent months. We judge our leaders at election time. They need to be in front, leading by example, being Captain Courageous. We need to know that when our men die in a mine, our homes are shattered by earthquakes, our economy is buffeted by global thunderstorms and our men die serving their country, our leader will be there and will reassure us.

In past years I’ve struggled with my support of the party because I have struggled to connect with the leadership. Not any more. John Key rocks. IMHO. I like the man, the image he projects, his self-deprecating sense of humour and I like the way he connects with people. As I say, this is my opinion. I don’t expect you to necessarily agree with me.

 When I’ve seen him at crucial times in our damn difficult last 12 months as a country, I’ve seen sincerity and genuine emotion. The service for the Pike River miners made me cry, he lead us all in our grief. Then the February earthquake hit Christchurch and he spoke with calm confidence and reassurance but he felt it, as we all did. When I look at the world financial situation and the way it’s played out, some could call it a hospital pass. But on the whole we are doing OK. Our major trading partners are doing OK and I believe we have a steady hand, one with practical experience. And then of course, we became the Champions of the World at rugby and for one brief, shinning moment we could all relax and cheer.

There are other things he did which directly related to the industry I worked in, he saved The Hobbit. Sorry, but that made me very happy. Our incredibly talented film industry needed that series of films to be made here.

Yes, MMP does cause the Government to be hamstrung by the need to be in coalition and I do hope that people see it for what it is and vote against it next month. I think Supplementary Membership would be good. It would mean that the percentage of party vote a party gets will decide the percentage of list seats and a fewer number of list seats in the overall makeup of the parliament. List seats worry me, who do they represent? When there is a conscience vote who do they go back to and poll for opinions?

So I hope National get enough party votes to govern alone. I hope the faith that they place in us is repaid. I am proud to say I am a New Zealander, my country rocks at rugby and my Prime Minister is John Key.



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