Glasses and Forums and 123 Squadron

Forgive me if the writing is a little blurry today, it certainly is for me. This morning I went for a second visit to the ophthalmologist. The other day she gave me some eye tests and told me the pain in my eye was strain and that my eyes focus at two different distances so the $2 shop magnifying glasses don’t altogether solve the problem that my arms are not long enough anymore. Does that make sense?

Anyway she held lots of glass circles in front of my eyes and got me to read letters etc. And I chose some tortoiseshell frames with a tiny bit of bling on the side. Bill Bass made in Italy, which sounds way too flash. Today I went back for some more tests and to be fitted with my glasses. The peripheral vision test involves watching for tiny lights and clicking a button when you see one. They test each eye individually and the test is really tiring. They dilute your pupils with drops and everything stays blurry for a while, being outside is particularly unpleasant and it’s not a bright, sunny day here. Then she took a photo of each eye and checked for retinal bleeding. Pleased to say the eyes are great, no sign of anything sinister at all.

And I have my new glasses. I look studious and a lot less whimsical than I did in my white plastic $2 ones. But the letters on the computer screen are going to be wonderfully clear when my eyes get over the drops.

I am getting a particular kick out of a forum on a site called Good Reads at the moment. They have chosen “The Secret Keeper” for their book of the month for November. So next Tuesday they all start reading it and asking me questions etc. I am already corresponding with some of them via the forum and it is very interesting.

Talking of forums, a very nice guy in England read Dad’s book and went to Kew and photographed all the operational records for 123 squadron in the Western desert for the time that Dad was there and emailed them to me. I became deeply fascinated yesterday reading about the social activities noted there. Dad’s flight won the spelling bee and the literature/general knowledge bee. They had movie nights which were extremely popular. I’d love to know which movies they saw. And Dad took his Spit to Benin to be fixed and they said they couldn’t do it because it was a holiday. He said he would sit in the plane and wait and they relented and fixed it on the spot. The Squadron Leader was impressed enough to record all about it in the operational records. On another occasion he chased a plane in and out of cloud for over two hours and the SL writes about what a jolly time P/O Thomas had writing up his intelligence report about the incident.  Little insights into a young man I wish I had known.

The country is still in celebratory mode, thousands and thousands at victory parades and the team seem to be welded to the little gold cup. Can you blame them? They must be totally exhausted and ready for a  week-long sleep. Our sweet princes. Our heroes.


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