A cat, wool and The Great Big Blanket Project

As I have told you in the past, I am engaged in the Great Big Blanket Project. This started out as a way to use up spare bits of wool we’d been given and has ‘grown’ into a project to cover our large, four seater sofa in the lounge. A sort of ‘arts and crafts’ look. And I have gone for many different textures and colours. I knit at night whilst watching the TV. It helps my fingers to do quick work after hours at the keyboard. And I love knitting.

Someone else in our house loves wool too. She is black and white and has four legs and a tail. No, wrong, the cat. Chloe will happily lie on the blanket with all four paws in the air and purr. Except when I grab the camera then she goes all shy and stands up. She loves chasing it and pulling on it and chewing it, especially if it happens to be the ball I am knitting with. She sits and watches and as I pull more wool out, she pounces.

So today is as much pictorial as it is written. It is about a cat, the love of wool and a big blanket. Happy Days.

I will have the wool


This is my playground



The blanket grows


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