We are the Champions of the World

Well let me see, what is there to talk about this morning? Oh yeah, we won a rugby match last night. The excitement was palpable, I had to knit my black square for the blanket and keep knitting all match (me, superstitious?) so it is a ginormous square. So now for the bleeding obvious, it was close, it was tense, they showed tremendous heart and courage etc. The French were gracious in defeat and they played well, they were determined, but not quite as determined as our 22 heroes.

I couldn’t stay sitting down for the last few moments as we had to hang on and protect a lead of JUST ONE POINT. So much tension and nervous energy. Then the final whistle goes and you can hear someone leaping up and down and yelling “Yes! Yes!” and, what do you know, it’s you! I will happily admit I had a little tear at the end and during the presentation. As much for what it means. Things will look better for the country. It will lift the mood. National will get more votes, people will buy horses and land, the togetherness and the optimistic attitude will continue. And we have done remarkably well as hosts for the tournament, the world came here and seemed to enjoy themselves. Very proud.

Today is Labour Day so it is a public holiday. There is a market at our local Church and I intend to pop in and have a look. See if there are any stalls selling knitting that might have spare half balls of wool at home. We counted the blanket yesterday and there are 100 squares so far.  Downloads of “Our Father’s War” up to 230 and “Stirred Not Shaken” up to 81.  

So no more rugby until next Winter, I will miss it. Watching this tournament has been fantastic. It means summer is around the corner. We have a lovely park across Wordsworth street, we can see it from the drive and be there is a couple of minutes. They play cricket there and we will pack a picnic and take the chairs and sit under the trees and watch the elegant game.  I do understand how lucky we are to be able to do that.*Sigh* Well, we do live in a world champion nation (wink).


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