Gardening, Pamphlets, Polls and Wine!

Well just call me Maggie Barry/Alan Titchmarsh, I am a gardener! That might be a slight exaggeration but I have been doing work in the garden. Yesterday we picked up leaves and dead-headed flowers (yes Mum, I get it, remove the dead ones) and created sacks of waste to add to the compost heap somewhere else. And this morning I mixed up six large buckets of Miracle Grow/water and ‘fed’ everything. Haven’t done the front garden yet but will do so later. A few minutes after completing that I went to hang the washing out and was disappointed to find all the shrubs and plants weren’t ten feet taller. I guess even Miracle Grow takes time.

Yesterday afternoon I delivered election pamphlets to some areas of Leamington. They have pictures of John Key and Louise Upston and messages about the promises of a bright and better future etc. I met two big labs who wanted to lick me to death and an old black lab with a grey muzzle who barked at me, but was behind a wire fence so I could still put my little blue pamphlet in his letter box. And I met a man on a horse riding up Wordsworth Street, using an Oak twig to encourage the horse in the right direction. Ah well, it is Cambridge. I shall do a little every two days as my joints allow me until my allocation is finished. Nice walk, nice reason to listen to the iPod and enjoy the sunshine.

I belong to a group on a book site called “Good Reads” and they have nominated ‘The Secret Keeper’ as their November read for the book club. Goodness! They had a poll with four books and mine won. I have to make myself available to answer questions about the book and they will comment, maybe they might even post some reviews.

And the next novel is taking shape, well into Chapter Three and we’ve had three murders! It is called ‘Love and Wine’ and it is a story I originally wrote as a screenplay. One of the interesting exercises when you rewrite a concept as a novel is the change of tense. From present to past. And the addition of thoughts and reactions and feelings. Cardinal rule of screenwriting:only what the audience can see and hear. Cardinal rule of novel writing: there are no rules. My main character, Vinnie, is a wine buff and a bit of a rogue. He’s murdered someone already with a bottle of Petrus, but it was self-defence, still, the most expensive wine in the world… 

And I have to say, Wales beat themselves last night. If they’d played all game the way they played at the end…who knows. Never mind, they came fourth and they can hold their heads up. Goal kicking a problem again as it has been all tournament for some. And Cooper did his knee. I don’t gloat, I feel sorry for him. He is a mercurial player capable of brilliance and sheer stupidity, in the same move. His goose was cooked with the NZ crowds because he deliberately hurt Richie McCaw during a tri-nations match earlier in the year. We don’t forget and neither do the ABs and we feel very protective of Captain Courageous. Every time either he, or Dashing Dan, were tackled all tournament Mum would say “Don’t you hurt him!” at the TV. Bit redundant in the case of Dashing Dan, he hurt himself. But she still says it when Richie’s involved. Still tomorrow’s blog before THE match, but I am getting some practice in. We are the World Champions in waiting, we will savour the moment. Go the ABs, you DO make us so proud.


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