Lunch, the Rena, Gaddafi, the All Blacks and gardening

I know you’ll all want to know. I had a crepe with chicken and bacon and Mum had a fancy sandwich called a forgasse (or something similarly French and disloyal) with chicken and camembert. And we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch with our National party supporter friends and Maurice Williamson and our lovely MP, Louise Upston. Maurice was in fine form, as always, and he is very interesting to listen to. He’s such an experienced politician and he knows how to get information across in a succinct manner. We talked about the Christchurch earthquake. He was there the day after, in his capacity as Minister of Building and Construction, and said the sights he saw will stay with him forever. He told us that the energy unleashed on February 22nd was more powerful than 50,000 Hiroshima bombs.

We talked about the Rena and the need to dispel the public perception that the government and the appropriate departments were slow in taking action. There was nothing they could do until all the people were in place. He pointed out that TV3 had said that all the oil spilled so far would fit into one seventh of an Olympic sized swimming pool and if all the oil in the ship was spilled it still wouldn’t fill an Olympic pool. Not to trivialize the disaster, but it does put it into perspective when you compare it to Christchurch. 

So the dictator is dead! I am glad that Gaddafi is dead. I am glad that the revolutionary fighters got the chance to finish him off and I am glad that pictures of him were broadcast around the world. Everyone needs to know for sure that that is what happens to despots. After so many years of living in fear and suffering, the people of Libya can work towards a better life and deciding their fate for themselves. If I were Mugabe or al-Assad I would feel the chill wind of the power of the people when I saw those pictures.

The AB team for the final was announced this morning. Same team as the one who defeated the Wobblies except for Thompson in place of Vito in the reserves. Personally, I would have stuck with Vito, he is the current in-form player and he has covered for Captain Courageous very well. He deserves to come off the bench in the final. Otherwise they are a great unit and I firmly believe they will lift the cup. Tonight is the bronze playoff and I am hoping that Wales will ‘do’ the Wobblies. I shall be yelling with all my Welsh passion and waving my miniature Welsh flags. GO THE MIGHTY DRAGON!!!

Off to do some gardening this morning. Tidying up the garden after the frosts and winter and then taking the result to my brother’s farm to dispense with it. The flowers are coming out and the bushes are growing again. The swan plant looks magnificent and I think if I were a Monarch butterfly, I would find it very appealing. We planted broccoli and carrots the other day and they are thriving. The carrot plants are now nearly as big as my little finger.  Around town the trees are in leaf and blossom and it is a truly beautiful sight.   Spring is sprung and the grass is riz!!


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