Maurice Williamson, John Key and Christopher Doig

Another update about Mother’s dinner. It has been ‘suggested’ to me that I tell you about last night’s dinner, lamb shoulder chops cooked in a tin of tomato soup, lovely creamy mashed potatoes and peas with mint from our garden. Why? Because she cooked it. So she does cook dinner sometimes. Glad we cleared that one up.

Today we are going out to lunch. This is an unusual thing in our house and worth mentioning. We’re in the run-up to the general election and one of the National Ministers is visiting our electorate and it happens to be the Minister for Building, Maurice Williamson. So we’re going to lunch at a local cafe to have a chat to him. Which will be mildly amusing because he represents Pakuranga and that’s where we used to live and we used to be on his electorate committee a long time ago. So it’ll be a bit of a catch-up, which may impress the other members of Louise’s re-election committee. He used to be Transport Minister so it will be interesting to get his take on the Rena.  He’s a consummate politician and he was a good and helpful electorate MP.

Speaking of the election, I like John Key. I haven’t been tremendously inspired by any of the recent National leaders. I didn’t agree with Helen Clarke’s policies, but I did like what she did for the arts in New Zealand. Some of her decisions directly impacted on my life as a TV producer. But I was very glad when her government was defeated. As a rule I do not agree with ‘nanny state’. John Key is extraordinarily popular in this country and no matter what natural disasters and economic pitfalls we go through, he just keeps on standing with us and reassuring us that he “has this.” I trust him, I believe in his genuine sincerity and I understand that he’s had to make difficult policy compromises because that is the nature of MMP.  When he saved The Hobbit movie I felt moved to email him and tell him that it was a great day for the film industry (I was a part of it at the time) and that he “rocked” and his private secretary replied and said he liked that comment. We ‘follow’ each other on twitter. I am happy that he is my PM and I hope, very much, that National will get enough votes to govern in their own right. THEN we will see some policies pushed through to make this country strong.

Chris Doig was farewelled yesterday and I saw some of the service on the news. Over 1000 people attended. If I’d been in Christchurch I would have gone, as it was all I could do was pause and remember him. It looked like it was a service that did justice to the man he was. His granddaughter and daughter sang an operatic duet, his son played guitar and sang. Another son spoke about sitting wide-eyed in the audience of opera houses around the world as a child. Barry Maister talked about the unusual combination of artistic genius and exceptional business man who was Chris Doig. The photo on the screen behind them was one of him sitting in the audience and applauding Placido Domingo the week before his death. Beautiful picture, beautiful man.

Haven’t heard from anyone about trialling and reviewing a tablet device, just saying. Downloads of “Our Father’s War” up to 219. And the Big Blanket Project is growing at the rate of about three squares a day. Got about 20 balls of wool for $10 the other day, all different shades and textures. I will post a picture tomorrow. Got a hair cut, what can I say, my hair is shorter, I no longer look like an Old English sheepdog. Not that that was a bad thing.


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