Downtown Abbey, Coronation Street, itunes, ipads and google searches

Before I go anywhere today I have to issue an addition to yesterday’s blog. Which brings up the question, can you digress if you haven’t gone anywhere in the first place? But I digress.

Mother wants you all to know that she gets her own breakfast (cereal and banana) and mostly gets her own lunch (at the moment usually a fresh tomato sandwich and a tangelo). She was concerned that I had created the impression that she only eats what I put in front of her. As she received her dinner last night (marinated chicken, roast veges and corn) she said, “and I eat everything you put in front of me.” So I have to stop telling her about the blog, clearly.

First things second, Downtown Abbey. Episode One of Series Two screened last night. Our favourite characters have gone to war. It looks like the hell of the Somme (although it’s actually a field in Sussex) and the men look rather, er, fetching in their uniforms. My favourite love story is that between Mr Bates and Anna and that took a decided turn for the worse last night. Hugh Bonneville tweets and I was tempted to tweet him and tell him to go and fetch Bates back immediately. However, having worked in television for many years, I do realise that is a rather futile thing to do. I trust that when the drama has played out, the two ‘below stairs’ characters will be reunited and his nasty wife will get her comeuppance. But will Mary’s reputation be ruined in the process? And will Matthew marry the weak wallflower he brought to Downtown or will he end up with feisty Mary? Don’t you love a good costume drama?

Speaking of drama. I had to laugh last night. The programmers at TVNZ have, in their infinite wisdom, shifted Coronation Street to 5.30pm five nights a week (from 7.30pm twice a week) and replaced it in the later slot with some reality Australian cooking show. For some reason no-one spoke up at the meeting where this move was planned and reminded them that this is a soap, with adult themes and really should be in a night slot. Consequently, we tuned in for the 6pm news at 5.55pm and were treated to a lesbian kiss between two teenaged girls and a woman, pregnant by her lover, having a confrontation with him in her hospital bed. How long do you think it will be before the complaints start coming in to the Broadcasting Standards? That was well thought out, TVNZ.

I found my books on itunes USA last night. Ha! Such a simple sentence and yet it was a slightly awe-inspiring moment. I know the first two have been sent out to numerous ebook retailers and, logically, they will turn up there. But for goodness sake, me, on itunes!

I immediately tweeted one of the few people I know who reads books on his ipad and gave him the link. How do I promote this? I guess I look for forums where people with ipads discuss what they read. I like the idea of an ipad. I think it would be very useful for something, I could download lots of free apps and do stuff. I do like the idea of having my computing more portable. Perhaps I should have put #3 Get more gadgets on yesterday’s bucket list.

But then I would have to make a decision on what to get, ipad2 or Kindle Fire or a Sony one (I’m sure they do have one). If someone is reading this and would like to send me something to try and review here, I am open to offers. Oh look, a pig just flew past my window.

The other thing I did last night was look at SEO links for my books from my Smashwords Dashboard. Never done this before and it is slightly staggering to find yourself all over the internet. Google search for “The Secret Keeper” + “Julie Thomas” gives me 2,540 links. Google search for “Our Father’s War” + “Julie Thomas” gives me 229 links and for “Stirred not Shaken” + “Julie Thomas” gives me 813.  And while we are on stats “Our Father’s War” downloads up to 205.

So funny kind of blog today, bit of this, bit of that. Of course, behind it all we are counting down to Sunday night when we will be Rugby World Cup champions, the Rena is almost breaking up on a reef off Tauranga and the brave men are trying desperately to pump oil out of her, a very below-the-radar election campaign is on and I am off to get my hair cut today.


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