Mighty All Blacks squash the Wobblies!

We did it. We beat the Wobblies. Well they did it and I watched it, but in true sport watching style, the whole country claims the victory. Why is it “we won” but always “they lost”? It was a fantastic game and I loved every moment, from the first kick off (that went out on the full). The crowd booed Quade Cooper every time he touched the ball and chanted “All Black”, at times the noise was just phenomenal. And, as someone said on the radio this morning, the performances were heroic, from #1 to #22.

Some of my favourite comments on twitter and FB this morning….Remember the Rainbow Warrior, no mercy, merci. And I love the rugby newbie who asked “Angry Whore is coming on?” Er, no, that would be Andrew Hore. Ha!… And “wearing my ABs jumper has given me a new respect for their fitness. The massive amount of energy they must expend holding their stomach in for 80 minutes.”

The mood of the country is one of delight and relief. Never doubted it for a moment, practiced my cheering all day and let out a huge, silent sigh of relief. And so to next week. Going on the semi final form you have to say we will massacre them, set up the guillotine on the 22. But they are the French and anything can happen. We expected to win last time we played them in a World Cup. So complacency could be our greatest enemy.  That said, I do believe we will win. And for one brief shining moment we will all live in Camelot and natural disasters, oil spills, economic woes and election poll results will be forgotten. For four years we will be the World Champions of rugby, the sport that is very deeply engrained in our national psyche.

To continue the happy note (definitely a top C) the downloads of Dad’s book is up to 199 on Smashwords, I do hope we get one more download soon! And the other two books are doing well. Four sales of “The Secret Keeper” on Amazon in one day. I have a good strike rate so far for an unknown author on ebook sites. All three books have made it into Smashwords Premiere Catalogue and the first two are now out with all the other ebook retailers, they will be on “shelves” in around a week or so. Book number four is planned out and starting to take shape, number five and six are waiting in the wings, impatient to get their day in the sun.

But for now I am happy to be an “All Black fan”, inspired by our captain courageous and his amazing band of dedicated, determined, highly skilled athletes. Now, if I could just find my gym card….


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