The Welsh Dragon is crying and Sweeney Todd is flying

Well what a night! First 18 minutes you think, “oh, they’ve got this’, all over the French, really playing well. Then THAT tackle, red card, down to 14 men. What can you say? According to the commentators it is mandatory to give a red card if the tackle lift is above the shoulder. And Warbuton must have known that. No malice intended, an aggressive tackle, but just way too high. And they played gamely on with 14 men. Quite frankly the French were appalling and whoever wins tonight will slaughter them next weekend. BUT, and it is a big but, Wales would have won if the kicking had been on target. Even if they’d converted the try they would have won by a point. So close and yet so…not there. Cruel. But that is elite sport, sometimes there is just a point in it. And what a great team for the future. I think they will be a real force in 2015.

Tonight we take on the Wallabies and I think we will win, provided we play with structure and discipline and don’t have any red cards and all our walking wounded get through OK. We have the players and we have the game plan and we have a stadium of four million cheering them on. No pressure then, boys!! Whatever happens tonight, I am really proud of my country, of the way we have staged this tournament and the way we have welcomed everyone.

I have to mention Sweeney Todd. It’s currently at Chichester Festival Theatre and it’s getting five star reviews. Michael Ball, Imelda Staunton and other very talented actors. Imelda is as good a Mrs Lovett as we knew she would be, but Michael Ball is the revelation. He plays very mean and very nasty, very well. What a transformation, eh? Who would have thunk it? Here’s to a West End transfer and Oliviers. It reminds me of Placido saying that he likes to ‘act on stage’ all the dimensions of characters he never gets to be in real life. I imagine it must be quite fun to be a serial killer and know you won’t go to jail.

Michael Ball as Edna in Hairspray


Michael Ball as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street



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