Auckland during a RWC and the great blanket project

Well normal service is resumed. I initially had told you I was going to Auckland for a couple of days, but Mother decided that all the burglars in Cambridge read my blog and so she “suggested” I removed the reference to the fact that the house was empty. Happy to say we were not burgled. We did leave the cat alone for one day/night/until around 4pm the next day and had anyone broken in, they would have been cuddled and licked to death.

Anyway, we went to Auckland and what a lovely couple of days it was. We left Auckland in early May. We sold a house we’d lived in for 18 years and before we sold it, I cleaned. Try cleaning ceilings for the first time in 18 years. And I went through the contents of a house owned by two hoarders and we had a car boot sale, we gave away over 6 Kleensaxs of clothes to Women’s Refuge, many important family items were passed on to other members etc. Then I packed the remaining ‘stuff’ into boxes and a removal company moved us. So it was the end of a VERY stressful time when we dove away from Auckland. We LOVE Cambridge and neither of us has missed the Auckland house for a moment. I wondered how it would be to be back. I was homesick for my new house for a wee while and that was just ridiculous!

Tuesday started with an appointment at Starship to see my cardiologist. I am one of the oldest surviving paediatric cardiology patients in the country, I had open heart surgery at Greenlane in 1964. It was fun having the usual ECG and echo etc. surrounded by hanging mobiles and big posters of animated cartoons. I got a clean bill of health and was told that all patients should live in a peaceful place like Cambridge.

I went down to the waterfront and had a look at the Cloud and the other buildings. AMAZING! Really worth the effort. Loved the Cloud on Queens Wharf and also really enjoyed the BackinBlack building that Telecom have contributed around on the Viaduct. I was roped into having my picture taken with half a dozen All Blacks, with my elbow just reaching Jerome Kaino’s shoulder. But they were holograms so I couldn’t discuss next Sunday’s match with them. Got a couple of free beanies for us to wear as we cheer them on. Other giveaways too, thanks Telecom. Sorry we changed to Vodafone. Well not really, the monthly bill has dropped by $40.

And we caught up with family. Had a lovely chicken curry dinner and then the next day we went to see my lovely niece and her two gorgeous boys. Nothing like playing rugby with a clever six-year-old to show you that the future of the sport is in safe hands. As we left the two littlies, 6 and 3, stood by the car and said, “we love you”, “come back soon.” Now THAT I do miss, more than I admit to myself.

Stopped in to see Mum’s identical twin sister on her farm at Karaka on the way home. Surprisingly she is 88 too. Remarkable women, double trouble. Nice fish pie for lunch. Got some more wool for my great blanket project and they have hens, so we got two dozen beautiful free range eggs.

Chloe was pleased to see me and enjoyed being outside for a while before bedtime. Nice to be at home, own TV, own bed, own computer. Rubbish day this morning. Routine. Familiar things. Happy days.


 The Great Blanket Project:

It's more beautiful than it looks


I'm not doing a thing, honest.


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