Rugby, trash and treasure and a chicken dish

How on earth do you win a rugby match with 24% possession? I guess the answer is you make the most of what opportunities come your way, you land the goals and you tackle and defend like men possessed. The Wallabies beat the Boks in a VERY hard-fought match. Earlier in the day I had been told by someone who knows about these things that the ABs would rather play the Wallabies (something about a bit of a mental hoodoo that our neighbours have about playing us on Eden Park) and so I decided to cheer for the Wallabies. But it makes you realise that rugby can be akin to a gladiatorial battle when you see games like that.

We didn’t start so well against Argentina and there were a few worried frowns from the sofa. But it all came right in the end and all I have to say is “Arise Sir Peri” He played brilliantly and he kicked true and straight, lovely to see the ball sail right between the uprights. Mind you, he had no wind to contend with. Anyway, we are through and we play the Wallabies next weekend and the best four anthems made it through as well. Which reminds me, when they wrote the Argentine anthem did someone ask, “so do you want an introduction, then?” The intro is longer than the singing bit and it sounds like the overture for a Verdi opera. Should really be the Italian anthem.

Had a good time at the trash and treasure market. Two books, both Dick Francis for Mum, punnets of broccoli and carrots and parsley to plant and one Kung Fu panda toy (no, not for me). I found the lemon tree we want, it has thick skin and a sharp lemon flavour, but the only specimen left was not ideal so we will get it next month. $8 for a lemon tree, not bad.

And we didn’t have the pies. I had at least half a roast chicken left so I did some freestyle cooking. A big tin of ‘Kumera and vegetable soup” (since when has kumera not been a vegetable?) and a small tin of light coconut milk, mixed together. Add the torn chicken pieces and a handful of seedless black grapes. Into a hot oven and served over rice. It was really lovely and there is enough for tonight….and the AB’s still won, so obviously our pie eating has nothing to do with anything.

There will be no blog tomorrow or the next day, but I shall be back Thursday to ruminate on why there were no blogs. Downloads up to 140. Happy Days.


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