The Mighty Welsh Dragon at the RWC and horses.

WALES! WALES! WALES! Oh yes we yelled and screamed last night, go, go go! The mighty dragon put back it’s head and roared (you call tell I spend too much time with children). Wales were fantastic and Ireland weren’t half bad. It was an amazing game of rugby, the best I’ve seen all tournament I think. Don’t know why I have felt so “Welsh” over the last few years, I actually have more Scottish blood, on both sides. And yet, the fact that we had a Welsh preacher on the Thomas side and he had a heart murmur, I decided I was a Wengiscotiwi (A Welsh, English, Scottish, Kiwi). When I was in Cardiff in 2009 I bought a great red T-shirt with a dragon down one side in front and the Welsh national anthem, in Welsh, on the back.

The second game wasn’t so great, lots of handling errors and the English looked a little like they had booked their flights home and were concerned about missing them. The best part of watching England play is watching Wilkinson kicking. Lucas has taken his technique on board and before he kicks the rugby ball to me, he crouches slightly at the knees and clasps his hands out in front. It looks peculiar on the rugby ground and hilarious when a 5-year-old does it.

So, a Welsh/French semi on one side. I do think the All Blacks will beat Argentina, if they don’t tomorrow’s column will be drapped in black. But the other semi, the Boks v Australia, now that one is just too close to call. Australia lost to Ireland, but that really means nothing. Both sides have key injuries, so do we. If it comes down to mental strength, I will pick the Boks. An All Black/Bok semi on the other side. I have a 50% chance of being right which is quite high odds for me.

Talking of odds, my bother had two horses starting at the races at Matamata yesterday. One was at the back of the field for most of the race and then came like a train and won! The other led and was just pipped at the post for second. We did some yelling at the TV to get in good voice for the evening rugby. Good day at the races. Zanacotti hasn’t had a start yet, I’m sure he will do well, if he can get his huge frame out of the starting gate.

Yes, dinner was lovely, thank you for asking. The chup and dup were fantastic. If I ever end up on death row (unlikely, but statistically possible), my last meal request will be chup and dup. And tonight it is pie night.

And the Smashwords downloads of Dad’s book are up to 125.  And it is having a bearing on the other books as well, 63 for “Stirred not Shaken” and 14 for “The Secret Keeper.” I start my next one tomorrow. I have a couple of film scripts with very good plots and I will turn them into novels.

Well, I am off to the monthly Trash and Treasure market now. Books, plants, dinosaurs and the world’s best chocolate chip shortbread are on the list and a budget of $15. I do love looking at other people’s cast-offs. The swan plant we got last month is doing so well and the butterflies love it. We have such GREAT soil here, everything grows like Topsy. Today I want…a lemon tree. Such is the life of a domestic goddess.


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  1. Ruth Burns Warrens
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 02:32:08

    Every house should have a lemon tree – can’t manage that here :-((


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