Rugby Grub

Health Warning: Don’t read this blog if you are hungry, it is all about food.

So this weekend is quarterfinals weekend for the Rugby World Cup and we must address the most pressing issue of all…no, what to eat during the matches.

The first one is 6pm kickoff and the second one is 8.30pm kickoff, Saturday and Sunday nights. What we do sometimes, when the All Blacks play at night, is we have dinner based on popular food in the country of their opponents. No, I don’t know why, either. Just to spice it up a bit. It has led to delicious leek and potato soup and Welsh rarebit (if you google Welsh rabbit you get an ENTIRELY different recipe), roast beef and yorkshire pudding and spotted dick (try googling that) and French onion soup and Coq au vin (don’t even think it). We were going to do this through the pool matches of the world cup but the idea of tinned corned beef, sushi and moose was too much for Mum. We did try blueberry pancakes and maple syrup around the time of the Canadian match.

So for the quarters we are going….nostalgic. We have been indulging in the odd pot of chip and dip, or chup and dup and we New Zealanders call it. A small tin of reduced cream and a packet of good old Maggi onion soup. You can put a bit of vinegar in but we decided that pot B was better than pot A and pot B was vinegarless, so that is the way we like it. 

Tonight it will be  chips and dip, roast chicken (because it is a favorite and is already in the fridge), devils on horseback (bacon wrapped prunes),and probably some vanilla ice cream to follow. Tomorrow is special All Black pie night. We visit the bakery down the road and have one of their stuffed-full-of-yummy-meat-with-light-flaky-pastry pies. And the lady beams and says “Ah, for the lugby.” It is a tradition and well worth keeping. I am absolutely convinced that as long as we keep eating a special All Black pie each game, they will win. Sort of a win-win really.

So there we have it, rugby grub. Lovely grub. How many hours till kick off?

P.S. Downloads up to 113


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  1. Ruth Burns Warrens
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 02:29:30

    glad I’m reading this AFTER Yom Kippur!
    Keep eating that delicious sounding pie xx


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