Amazon, Smashwords, publishing and backs

I promise you this blog will not turn into an hour by hour relay of the success of “Our Fathers War”, but you will have to be a little patient whilst I am a touch indulgent. I uploaded this latest work to Smashwords at 11pm on Tuesday October 4th (NZ time). As of 8.30am Thursday October 6th (NZ time and rubbish day if anyone’s keeping count) 81 copies have been downloaded. Compare that with “Stirred Not Shaken” (which I suspect has it’s nose well and truly out of joint) and it has been downloaded 53 times in 21 days. Both are free so to some extent it is apples with apples, although for the most part the content is very different.

This morning I checked the Amazon site and my ‘book shelf’ still said ‘publishing’, which, theoretically, means it is not live yet. And yet my sales indicated that a copy had been sold and when I went there it had a 5 star review! Already. I felt guilty about someone buying it when they could have got it for free, but maybe they needed a Kindle copy. Anyway, I am delighted. Not only for my own sake, but for Dad’s sake. Mum said yesterday, ‘imagine how proud he would be.’ 

Then I get an email from a Jay Slater at and he wants to know if I have more wordage and images and am I interested in publishing it as a book? The words I left out all related to Dad meeting people from Auckland who meant something to Nan and Pop, but would mean nothing to 99.9% of the world’s population. But I do have many other letters that start when he was 13 and Nan and Pop went to South Africa and go through to the late 1950’s, many of them letters back to him. Maybe a broader look at his life through letters?

And I am after the sympathy vote. My back is sore. Too much typing and time spent hunched over a computer and too much rugby and “lone ranger” on Lucas’s front lawn. I am Tonto and I find myself being shot at by ‘rootin’ tootin’ evil cowboys a great deal of the time.  However we do eventually win, except when the dinosaurs sneak up and eat us.


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