I was somewhat late to twitter. I read about it and heard others talking about it but I couldn’t see the point in 140 characters describing what I was doing. Once I signed up and read some of them I realised that it is much more than that. I follow some interesting people and some of their ruminations are extremely funny. Rebecca Cain and Joanne Harris are both hilarious and dry, which is my favourite type of humour. Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross, Richard Madderly, Hugh Bonnaville, John Owen-Jones and Alfie Boe can also be interesting and very funny. Michael Ball is sweet and very literal, although lamenting the lack of glitter balls, slash curtains, tap routines etc. in the lead up to Sweeney Todd was funny. Lately I’ve been trying to use it to put the blog and the books in front of people, but I’m not very good at that. I got a kick out of our PM John Key following me, and Sam Neil. And Barrack Obama retweeted one of my tweets, when Bin Laden died I told him he was following in the footsteps of Truman and Eisenhower, doing something difficult, but courageous, for the good of the world. And Rebecca Cain retweeted one where I called Katherine Jenkins Warbling Barbie, oops.

Talking of John Key, I will declare a political interest, I appear to be on the relection campaign for our local politician, Louise Upston. How did that happen, must have put my hand up to leave the room…Went to a political meeting this morning about the referendum about whether to retain MMP that will be held with the general election. It was run by Deputy Speaker of the House Lindsay Tish and it was very interesting. The system I like the sound of was the one that meant the % of seats allocated off the lists reflected accurately the % of party vote gained. I think the initials were SM which also seemed extremely appropriate for politics.  There was a poll out this morning and National is way ahead. Apparently more people wanted Ritchie McCaw to be Prime Minister than Phil Goff, the leader of the Opposition. There must have been people who answered the poll by indicating they wanted Labour in power but Key as PM. Go figure!!


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