Ruminations on a groin strain, politics and potato

OK, so dashing Dan appears to have a groin strain…and he is an underwear model. Are we all too traumatized by the possibility that he might have to miss more than just the Canada game and the #10 cover is a little…er, suspect, to see that there is some irony here? Or perhaps it is Schadenfreude because he is too impossibly dashing to be a nice person, and yet, apparently he is. So maybe the jockey’s were too tight….we shall just have to wait and see.

Tonga beat France, wow, bet the crowd were dressed in red. That’s cool but it doesn’t change anything. England beat Scotland (as they have been doing for hundreds of years) but only in the dying moments and so we will play Argentina. I predict the semis will be NZ v South Africa and England v Ireland (my heart says Wales).  I just never dreamed I would watch so much rugby and so many sides I would never normally watch. That’s RWC2011 for you.

And tomorrow the Warriors play the Grand Final. Hard ask but they can do it, any team can beat any team on any given day, that’s why we watch sport. So, go the Warriors!

What others news have I to impart? I am selling more copies of the novel now I have a five-star review. I’ve finished Dad’s letters and now have to proof them and I am still stunned by what he got up to in the Middle East, an air war I had never heard about. All we ever heard about was 485 squadron and yet he was with 123 in the Middle East for longer and did more. But it was a ‘secret squirrel’ war so he didn’t talk about it and sadly, we never asked.

And we have had a few cases of losing things lately and then finding them, bank cards, brooches and a precious book put away so carefully it took us 3 days to find it. Mum thinks her brain is going. Going where, I wonder? 

 I went to a National party meeting this afternoon. Very impressive, well organised committee and a great sitting MP. Shall enjoy being involved in this one. The message we have to get across is to vote National for your party vote, and maybe we will be able to govern on our own and the tail won’t wag the dog for three years. Hhhmmm.

And I made colcannon about three days ago and two people can make it last a long time. Tonight it was colcannon potato cakes. Go away, cabbage and mashed potato. Please.



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