Smashwords, Amazon, rugby and Zanacotti

Today is good news Thursday, good things happen on Thursdays. The rubbish gets collected, again. And I finished my book of letters so I have typed around 30,000 words in about five days. And Zanacotti had a trial and did ‘very well.’ No one actually said where he came, so presumably it wasn’t first, but he did ‘very well’. So that’s good news, maybe he will get to go to the races soon.

AND (small sound effect of trumpet blowing and drums rolling) I got a five-star review for my novel on both Amazon and Smashwords. I would have put that in capital letters but, apparently, that is shouting so I won’t. Even though I do feel like shouting from the highest hill. This is a truly lovely feeling and if I write a hundred books over the next twenty years I hope I never lose this feeling, someone reviewed my book and said complementary things. 

 So go on, be a devil and have a look

Read the splendid review. The rating shot the book up the Amazon ratings by about 200,000 books which is quite funny really. So your book rates around 64,000, how many books are there? Oh about six million.

So it is good news Thursday and to celebrate I am going to take left over cabbage and left over mashed potato and make colcannon for tea. The Irish must be playing someone somewhere sometime soon….which reminds me Lucas and I have taken to playing rugby each afternoon after school on his large front lawn. We play the Rugby World Cup and I am Samoa, Wales, Fiji, England, France, Ireland, South Africa, Tonga and Japan alot….and he is the All Blacks. Sometimes I am the ref so I can send Daniel Carter (never Dan) and Ritchie McCaw to the sin bin and Lucas can come on and score and save the game. We have pretend oranges at half time and I get to have a rest and ‘catch my breath’ and get licked to death by one very excited little dog. It is never a close game and I never ever win. Just as it should be.


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