Space Junk, rugby, pies and the war

I woke up this morning wondering what I’d do if I pulled back the curtains and saw space junk on our lawn. (I also wondered what the time was as we put our clocks forward last night, where did that hour go?) But, back to the space junk. It would land on my lawn and not my house as on the house would be inconvenient and inconsiderate. So I’d pull on my dressing gown and shoes and go and investigate. It would, naturally, be the most important part of the old satellite that plummeted to earth overnight. So I’d call the television networks and the newspapers. And when they came, I’d put on my best smile and say “Don’t you want to know what I do? then you can describe me as a “middle aged….” And when they whipped out their notebooks (is this stuck in the 1980’s or is it just me?) I’d tell them all about my two ebooks and give them the urls for both books………sounds like a plan. Time to pull back the curtains. Only one tiny flaw in the plan.

 Last night we watched the wonderful ABs play France. The night started early as my brother Geoff had Jerome Kaino on his fishing programme (Outdoors with Geoff  TV3 5.30pm Saturdays – next week he is fishing with Dashing Dan!) so we opened a lovely bottle of Riesling (YUM) and had that old rugby standby, chip and dip. Just a taste and it takes you back to all the parties in the past where you found a dark corner and ate all the chip and dip. And then it was news time so we had our celebratory rugby dinner, a pie each from the bakery down the road. Steak and cheese for me and steak and mushroom for Mum. Best pies we have ever tasted, light flakey pastry and choked full of a really great meat filling. When I bought them I told the lovely lady that they are the best pies we’ve ever had and she nodded at me and smiled and then I told her we were going to have them as we watched the rugby and she grinned and said, “ah the lugby.”

   What a great game! Bit worried for the first 10 minutes when Mum kept saying that this was going to be a tough match and oh dear, the French have all the ball. And then we started scoring tries, we just cut them apart. Carter, Nonu, Dagg, Jane…all brilliant, running rugby players. And that’s why I enjoy rugby so much more than I did a couple of years ago, they run with the ball, they break the defensive line and they run in tries. Hope the injuries are OK and the brilliant players have plenty of time before the quarters. And Ritchie McCaw, a leader and a fine role model who leads by example, articulate and intelligent. 100 test matches and the only NZer to do that. He’s a friend of Geoff’s and he loves shooting and fishing. It was lovely to see him get his 100 test cap from Jock Hobbs. All New Zealanders have a very soft spot for Jock Hobbs, he was instrumental in the World Cup bid all those years ago and now he is battling cancer.  

 I didn’t watch all the Warriors game, daylight saving and losing an hour and league is not really my game. But woke up this morning to hear they had won and are through to the Grand Final. Fantastic!! We play so well with oval balls.

I’ve started writing a book of Dad’s letters home during the war. There are 98 of them and they are amazing. The early letters are very descriptive as he sees London and Edinburgh and Oxford through the eyes of a young man. He is shocked by the tenements in the East End and, pre-Blitz, they must have been a pretty shocking sight. He is enraptured by the history all around him and I remember being exactly the same. The people welcome the pilots with open arms and the ‘wings’ on his uniform get him all sorts of invitations. And he can’t WAIT to get to a squadron and get to work.

Thoughts to Jonah Lomu and his family as he back in hospital with kidney problems. Get well really soon Jonah, you are our gentle giant and we love you.


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