Smashwords, forums and dinner out!

Thursday morning, rubbish day. That’s a reminder to me, myself, I to put the rubbish out on the roadside when I’ve finished this. Cambridge has a different rubbish collection system from Auckland, you buy yellow sacks in the supermarket and they are collected, so you pay for rubbish collection at the supermarket. And you pay 50c per book to take books out of the library. This amazes me, we pay gazillions in rates and neither the library or the rubbish collection are free.

Anyway, as usual, I digress. Firstly, the books sale update. I have sold 2 copies of “The Secret Keeper” on Amazon and 1 copy of the “Stirred Not Shaken”. I really need reviews on Amazon (and Smashwords) but I hesitate to ask people who have read them to take the time to review, it feels like an imposition. Can you tell I’m not brilliant at this self promotion thing? But Smashwords is going great guns, 5 copies of “The Secret Keeper” and 25 copies of “Stirred Not Shaken”. Hmmm, that last figure could have a correlation to it being free. Think? Well that’s supposed to be a good strategy. It gets your name out there and OBVIOUSLY getting money in is not a consideration at the moment. Richard (eldest brother) said he thought 99cents for the novel was too little, people won’t value it at that price. But the thinking I’ve picked up on the forums is that if people are surfing an ebook site and see a subject that interests them, they will impulse buy at 99 cents. Against that is the case that you don’t value your work so why should the reader? After all it did take 7 long years to write. I don’t know. But compared to the advice the sites give you, to expect about 2 sales a month when you first start, I am more than happy. What do you think? Go to My Books and click through the link and have a look at “The Secret Keeper” and tell me on here if you think 99cents is too little for such a beautiful piece of literature. (wink)

One of the things I’ve been doing is visiting forums and posting on subjects, with links back to my books sites and to here. And a fascinating one I found is World War 2 Talk, a forum for people interested in World War II. So many different topics and so many are really interesting. I started a thread about who I am and used a pic of my Dad as a dashing young Spitfire pilot as my Avatar. And I chatted about books and letters and the fact that my current project is to take my Dad’s 98 war letters and create a book, and someone posted to say they lost a granddad during the war and he was in 485 NZ Spitfire Squadron as well and then suggested we have a coffee at the Deli on the Corner! There are people from all around the world on this forum all the time and someone found me who also lives in Cambridge. AH, the power of the internet!

Last night we all went out to dinner in Cambridge. Richard and Marlene (here from Sydney), Graham and Marie (brother and sister-in-law who live here) , niece Sarah (their daughter), her lovely partner Mike and their two kiddies, Charlotte (3) and Chloe (15 months). We went to a place called Onyx and the food was just wonderful. Everyone seemed to really enjoy their meal. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that I had salt and pepper squid! I was SO impressed with Charlotte, she was tired and sitting in a pretty posh restaurant and she was beautifully behaved and highly entertaining.

Well, I can procrastinate no longer, I must don my shoes and put yellow bag, blue recycling bin and newspapers for recycling on the roadside. Then I am off to see a very special horse, but more of that tomorrow!! 



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