The Wee Welsh Dragon and Schadenfreude

The Wee Welsh Dragon

WALES! How about that as a result. Lucas was exhausted by the time they got to the game. The crowd was so dense and moved at such a speed, he had to run all the way to keep up. He slept through the first half, woke up at half time, had half a mars bar and then became the biggest Welsh supporter in their section of the crowd. He discovered when he yelled “Wales” everyone around him did the same.  He did tell me that Wales didn’t do the Haka, but Samoa did…

Schadenfreude, I love this word, I try not to indulge in it too often but occasionally it sneaks in when my defences are down. The official definition is something along the lines of  “pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.” But I see it more (for me anyway) as being satisfied when people get what they deserve.

A perfect example is the fact that the bouncer who stole the video footage of Tindall’s alleged indiscretion is now up before the court and has lost his job. Think long and hard before you moralize publicly and assume about the actions of others.

I remember getting my hair cut once and she did it so badly every morning I woke up and it stuck straight up in the air. I looked like a strange cross between Einstein and a triceratops. Then some time later I discovered the salon let her go because my experience was not an isolated one. Perhaps I should have complained, that isn’t in my nature, but I was pleased to hear others had. Does that make me a bad person??


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