Smashwords, a lion amongst the pigeons and annoying pronunciation!

Well you should have heard us last night. We couldn’t have roared “GO IRELAND!” any louder if we’d tried. As was said this morning, Ireland beating Australia has put a cat amongst the pigeons, more likely a lion amongst the pigeons. As far as I can see it means that South Africa and Australia will most likely meet in the quarters, with the winner taking on us. We love you, you little Irish rippers!!

Actually, mention of the Emerald Isle reminds me of a little habit I find really annoying. Incorrect pronunciation on television. I know (only too well) that we don’t have to speak the Queen’s English on New Ziland TV any more. But when you insist on telling me this wonderful player comes from “Island”, it pisses me off. In much the same way as people reporting on art news and telling me about a “pitcher” will make me yell at the TV. The letters are there for a reason, people, so you will say them.

And one last rugby comment, heard last night, “Forwards win the game, backs decide by how much.” Very succinctly put.

And I would be being remiss if I didn’t point out that my book of short stories “Stirred Not Shaken” is now free at Smashwords. It has some very entertaining stories in it and you will find it here…for free. Spread the word.


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